Jonathan Turley Arrested in Knife Attack — Blog Unaffected

I wanted the readers of this blog to hear it directly from me. It is true. Jonathan Turley has been arrested as a “dangerous and violent” knife-wielding attacker in Northern Ireland. In what will come as little surprise, the court found that Turley is in need for treatment for “emotionally unstable and dissocial personality types.” However, this blog will continue despite the arrest.

Turley was sentenced to 10 years in Belfast after his arrest for attempted murder of Anthony Braniff on January 1, 2007.

I can only say that I remain committed to this blog and bringing interesting legal cases (including my own) to my students and my friends.

The fact is that the fight started when a guy used Turley’s shirt for a towel by mistake. I am sure that we can all agree that such an act in many cultures is a terrible insult — even when done without intent. Indeed, expressions like “the shirt off my back” reflect the singular importance of this item of clothing in our society.

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21 thoughts on “Jonathan Turley Arrested in Knife Attack — Blog Unaffected”

  1. dont know why u you guys talk about some 1 u dont know nottin better to do how sad!!

  2. jt went to a hospital in england, in yorkshire. i was a fellow patient and have met jt. he seems an ok guy and we got on really well. im sure he will get the help he needs. it isnt his fault he developed mental health issues

  3. Well, I should have known this when Mr. Turley gave us the “Murder and Mayhem” speech for NYLF. Maybe this is why he knew so much about the topic…

  4. OK, so Scheck’s got ‘Innocence’ – ‘Reasonable Doubt’ is still a winnah
    – what makes it sell IS that missing ‘je ne sais quoi’…

    … uhhhhhh? Uhhhhhh???

    Am I right or am I right?

  5. Haruspicy reveals the truth. John Turley is GUILTY.

    The fossils say no, but the entrails say YES. Who you gonna go with; some musty old bones dug up from the ground or fresh entrails?

    I rest my case!

  6. Oh …. Johnny TwoTone – fahgettabowdit – he was wit me, when this most unfortunate event occured.

  7. Yea, that right . . . it was another guy with the same name . . .yeah, another guy.

  8. lol Jill, don’t sweat it, I’m NOT in any legal trouble of ANY kind. I was just venting that it is lousy to SHARE a name with a person who committed a heinous crime, I am not accused of actually committing one. Sorry if I gave that impression.

    I don’t believe JT was in any legal trouble either, he just happened to have the same name as someone who did.

  9. Susan,

    I just read your entry. I’m really sorry about your situation. It must be very difficult.


  10. It’s lousy indeed to have the same name as someone who committed heinous crimes. JT, all I will say is I share the same problem, and I know exactly how it feels. 🙁

  11. His being “head-butted” was a mitigating circumstance leading to temporal insanity: Such as engaging in violent behavior, while being able to simultaneously blog.

  12. I didn’t realize that Prof. Turley was such a rabble rouser! Now I know why I never bring my scarf to parties. Especially in Northern Ireland.

  13. JT:

    ” The 26-year-old pleaded guilty to making threats to kill the party hostess Joleen Drummond and her parents. An earlier court had heard that when 24-year-old Mr Braniff [the stabbee] went to Miss Drummond’s party in the Oldpark area, it had been raining and mistaking Turley’s scarf for a towel, mopped his wet head with it when he arrived.”
    I have now read the article and am duly chastened. Apparently the so-called victim used Turley’s scarf (I bet it looked like Rachel Rays’) for a towel causing the altercation, and the party-givers did nothing to assuage the situation. Turley had every right to protect his property, and this sentence is an injustice. With a temper like that, he should be our commander-in-chief, or at least VP.

  14. Ten years is too good for him. Off to anger management class with him I say.

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