California High School Teacher Framed in Drug and Gun Arrest

Police in Fullerton now believe that the arrest of Sunny Hills High School teacher Gregory Abbott, 31, was a set up — perhaps by his estranged wife and an associate.

Abbott has taught history for seven years. Police first received a tip last week from a called who claimed he had purchased drugs Abbott, who also was alleged to have a gun in his car. When Police Department’s High School Resource Officer contacted Abbott in his classroom, he immediately gave permission. They found an unloaded shotgun, some prescription drugs and a small amount of marijuana — leading to his arrest.

The police now suspect his estranged wife and an associate in the case — dropping charges against Abbott who was out on $25,000 bail.

I suppose this could all be folded into a lesson plan in the history class on marriages gone bad. Of course, when Livia wanted to be rid of Caesar Augustus in 14 AD, she was rumored to have used poison. Drugs in a car on school grounds would be a more modern variation.

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