13-Year-Old Girl Reportedly Lies About Age Leading to Statutory Rape Conviction — Twice

There is a very interesting controversy brewing in Orange County, Florida. A 13-year-old girl Alisha Dean has a MySpace page that portrays herself as a 19-year-old divorced woman. She has been accused about lying to two men — Morris Williams, 22, and Darwin Mills, 24, about her age in two separate incidents. Both have been convicted and sent to jail for statutory rape — regardless of whether the older looking girl deceived them. While her parents admit that they did not take down the MySpace page and that she still stays out late at night, her father insists that minors are not expected to have the same judgment as adults.

In the case of Williams, he testified that she told him that she was 18 and when he later found out the truth he went to her father. He later found out that she had previously resulted in another man being incarcerated. Remarkably, while she still had the MySpace page running the false information, the court still asked that the media not show her picture. The media largely refuses and ran pictures that show a much older appearing individual, as discussed at the link below. Ironically, by not showing her picture, it makes it more likely that a third or more individuals could be charged. Since both Dean and her parents had no apparent objection to posting her image and false story over the Internet, it seems rather strange to encourage the media not to run the pictures — particularly given the direct relation to the defense of these men.

Her father does not seem to view these problems as the result of his daughter or her parental controls. Jerry Dean supported the prosecutions and said “one of the reasons for the law is the fact that minors have poor judgment.” This of course begs the question of the judgment of Jerry as the father. Williams received six years probation with the first year in jail. The other five years he will have to wear an ankle monitor and I suppose he might have to register as a sex offender.

The application of these laws as strict liability offenses robs the system of any sense of balance. If there is a pattern of misrepresentation, it would seem an element that should go not only to the sentence but the merits of the case.

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40 thoughts on “13-Year-Old Girl Reportedly Lies About Age Leading to Statutory Rape Conviction — Twice

  1. This case does need a thorough examination to get at what is going on. I would suspect incest. I wish the court would order an evaluation of the home with a very sensitive social worker to privately interview this girl. This examination would benefit the girl and the men who are/may be convicted.

  2. I would appeal on two bases. First, that strict liability laws such as this are an encroachment on the authority of the judiciary. It is the authority of the legislature to say what the law is; it is the authority of the judiciary to interpret and apply the law. What the legislature does with strict liability laws is to not only define what is illegal and what is not, but also what is evidence and what is not, or what is a defense and what is not. That, I think, is an encroachment on the role or authority of the judiciary. It may even be an encroachment on the authority of the jury, which is charged with weighing the facts as well as the law. Second, that strict liability in a case such as this violates the defendant’s right to due process. What I would argue is, if the age of the victim is the basis for liability, then that part of the law should be interpreted in favor of the defendant because it is a departure from the common law, which would have required knowledge or mens rea. Where is the mens rea when it is the purported victim who has defrauded the defendant into committing a crime?

  3. Jill:

    That’s an interesting observation from the strange attitude of the parents here. I am likewise intrigued by this notion of “strict liability” in the context of a criminal case. It certainly does produce unfair results as in the now infamous British case of Winzar v Chief Constable of Kent (1983) TLR. There “a drunk, who was in hospital, was taken outside by the Police then subsequently charged and convicted of ‘being found’ drunk on a public highway.” This “state of affairs” analysis is particularly egregious as the prosecution need only prove the defendant was “found” in such a state and place without regard to how he got there. It represents the public’s concern for the actus rea (guilty acts) as opposed to mens rea (guilty state of mind). It is usually reserved for minor offenses like parking violations, but also comes into play in DUI cases. It’s an interesting legal anomaly that rose up and bit these fine fellows who find it thrilling to meet young girls/women online and have relations with them. Caveat stupid!

  4. My son was recently arrested for Criminal Sexual Conduct Second Degree for getting involved with a girl on the internet. Her myspace which is still active (even after he has been in jail under $15000 bond for almost three weeks now) plainly states that she is 16 years old and her birthday is Feb 28th.

    The girl sneaked out of her house to meet my son and they were discovered half dressed. When questioned by the police the girl told the officer that she was 14 to my son’s surprise. At the bond hearing is the first time we heard that she is actually 13 and won’t be 14 until Feb 28th.

    Needless to say our family is just devistated. My 18 year old son is facing up to 20 years in Jail for believing this girl. She does not look like she is 13 at all (with provocative photos on her myspace page and at least size C+ / D cup bra size that she models in her pics).

    I just don’t think these laws for sex predators were made to punish our young teenage boys that are misled by these fast girls that just don’t realize the consequences the boys face due to their lies. My son was thinking this girl would be turning 17 this month and here she is 13 and he is in JAIL. We are trying to get a bond reduction so that we can get him out before the trial, but that is up to the “Victims Mother” and I use the term Victim loosely.

    This girl is not a Victim, she is a liar and a manipulator. Her mother should be held responsable as well as the girl. The only way to stop this kind of thing from happening is to start punishing the girls that lie and the parents for allowing their kids to have these myspace accounts with false information.

    I am just venting because, I just feel like I have to get if off my chest before I explode. I am VERY WORRIED about my son and his future. He is not an angel, but he does not deserve to be labeled a sex offender for the rest of his life either. Please pray for me and my family as we go through this troubling time. Any help or advice would be appreciated!

  5. Angry Mom:

    I am sympathetic to your plight, but not particularly to that of your son’s. Why must we excuse his promiscuity and credulity because he was willingly mislead? Anyone, even one with an underdeveloped pre-fontal cortex like almost all teenagers, understands that figuratively (or maybe literally here) buying a pig in a poke is fraught with risk. It is unimaginable that he had no idea this was wrong or reckless, and he is rightly being called to account for letting his libido exceed his judgment. If the facts are as you state, he is likely facing a misdemeanor conviction and suspended jail time and community service. This assumes, of course, that this is his first brush with the law, and that you live in a state that doesn’t adopt the “spare the rod and spoil the child” Christian style retribution for sin that you ask us to ignore completely in our intercession to your deity.

  6. In light of cases such as this, I think some changes need to be made to the law. While I do agree that in most situations ignorance is not an excuse, the fact that this is a growing problems speaks of injustice in and of itself.

    The whole purpose of such laws against sex with a minor is to protect the minor from an adult. But if the minor is the one picking up adult men, then nothing the law can do can protect her because she is putting herself in harms way.

    The purpose of a registered sex offender list is to display when a person has a pattern of picking up children so to alert those with children to be cautious. But if the Adults in question are going after adult looking girls who themselves claim to be adults then a psychological preference to younger girls cannot be established and therefore undermines the purpose of the registration.

    I think there should be *SOME* punishment in such situations, but in cases where the child looks to be an adult and claims to be an adult there should be a law of automated protection that leniency must be considered and no registration required. If the child uses a fake ID then even less of a punishment on the adult.

    And in the case of at least one of these guys, if the guy seeks verification of age there should be *NO* punishment. What kind of message are we sending, when we send honest guys to jail simply because they were honest. All he had to do was just avoid her after that and/or lie himself and he would never have gone to jail. Is that what we are as a people? To reward dishonesty and punish honesty?

    Furthermore, in cases where the child in question has repeated such “mistakes” a law should be in place to have her removed from her parents and placed into state care pending an investigation as to the parent’s ability to keep her safe. I think that if the Government doesn’t do this, but inflicts any punishment at all on the men she seduces, the law isn’t doing anything to protect her.

    The purpose of Jail time isn’t just to punish someone. It is to keep them off the streets so the crime cannot be repeated. If, in a case such as this, an adult with no other record or history gets the time but nothing at all is done to correct the child’s behavior then the purpose of jail is moot.

    While it is true that a child is not expected to have the same reasoning ability of an adult, it is also true that in cases where a child commits criminal acts the parents are held responsible and in extreme cases child’s can be tried as an adult so there is still a limit as to the child’s legal responsibility and a clear indication that the parent has responsibility to keep the child safe and to stop a problem when they know it is happening.

    I think if a little boy or girl lies about his/her age to get sex then whatever happens to the adult, he/she should get at least a month in a mental hospital via the baker act (Danger to herself AND others) pending a psychological evaluation with a court ban on internet access to social networking sites in much the same way a child hacker can be blocked from using the internet. This would send a clear message to the child that they did something wrong and would also protect the child.

    The fact that the court did not even consider to have her myspace page even took down in either case is horrible.

    I also think serious questions need to be raised against the parents. They were obviously aware of her activities, and that it has been going on for more than a year, and apparently did nothing to correct her, on the contrary making excuses for her. That any court would not find something odd about this is very disturbing.

    Sure, now that the entire internet knows about her it doesn’t look like she will be able to do as much harm to herself or others in the future, but there are more girls like her out there. Changes need to be made, and changes need to be retroactive giving these guys a chance to at least avoid the registration, and giving these girls the right kind of treatment to correct them while they are still children.

  7. I should also point out that in cases where an adult pretends to be a child convictions have been made “because you would have.” while at the same time when a child pretends to be an adult convictions are made “because you should have known.” which further examples the fundamental problems.

  8. “While it is true that a child is not expected to have the same reasoning ability of an adult, it is also true that in cases where a child commits criminal acts the parents are held responsible…”


    Pray tell where are parents held criminally responsible for the criminal acts of the child? I have never seen it. Civilly maybe, but not criminally.

  9. Mostly in cases of Vandalism and Theft. I’ll have to do some research in detail. But the underlying reasoning is that Parents have a legal responsibility to teach children between right and wrong and failure to do so is essentially a crime.

    According to Wikipedia on Statutory rape, in reference to a case in Georgia:

    “In some states a man can defend himself against statutory rape charges by proving that his victim was already sexually experienced prior to their encounter (and thus not subject to being corrupted by the defendant)”

    This makes me wonder if such a law exists in Florida, and if so, then if he wasn’t informed of his right to make such a statement in defense he could reasonably expect to go for a mistrial.

  10. CCD:

    I saw that Bob had said that. I was a little surprised by it too. While he and I would likely agree with a civil penalty, vicarious criminal liability is a stretch. I could live with a charge of criminal child neglect though, which of course is a separate offense with differing elements.

  11. It doesn’t really matter if there is a liability cap or not, or how a given state classifies it. The point to mention is that parents are supposed to be responsible for the actions of their child. If only to the extent that a parent is supposed to teach a child between right and wrong.

    In this particular case, this directly applies in a concept called “Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor” where “Any action by an adult that allows or encourages illegal behavior by a person under the age of 18, or that places children in situations that expose them to illegal behavior.”

    Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

    Since the parents were aware of the myspace page for more than a year, that in and of itself makes them liable to criminal charges. I could even be so bold as to say the very Judge in both cases is guilty of “Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor” because he was aware of her myspace page and did nothing about it.

    But more on point, a Parent is responsible to teach a child between right and wrong. When a parent does not teach the child what is right, or turns a blind eye to what is wrong, they are guilty of a criminal act.

  12. oh, I should add that the reason the myspace page applies to this is because the myspace page has been shown to put the child in potential harm in at least two recorded case.

    Key phrases being, “Any action by an adult that allows or encourages” and “places children in situations that expose them to illegal behavior.”

    Her myspace page put her into situations that exposed her to illegal behavior and failure to act on the part of any adult who knows and can act applies.

  13. Elliander:

    “But more on point, a Parent is responsible to teach a child between right and wrong. When a parent does not teach the child what is right, or turns a blind eye to what is wrong, they are guilty of a criminal act.”


    Well let’s run with your idea. I say homosexuality is wrong morally, and you disagree. Our kids grow up under these rules and decide to cohabit in a homosexual lifestyle. While driving through Georgia with the top down one sunny June day in 2002, they become amorous, and since Georgia still defines this as aberrant sexual behavior, they arrest them both. Should you be prosecuted by those Peachstaters, and not me?

  14. It’s really not about what you or I think is Morally right or wrong.

    Personally, I believe (as do some states, not all) that if a child has demonstrated a history of sexual behavior she has demonstrated enough sexual knowledge to make an informed choice about it. And some people (and states) disagree.

    So in essence, whatever is defined as a crime, is a crime. Be is just or unjust. In the example of homosexual activity, however, you really have to look to see if the same actions between a man and a woman would be criminal because the Supreme Court ruled against gender discrimination in such cases. For example, “Romeo and Juliet” laws exclude cases between same sex, but this was successfully challenged. (see wikipedia) But some states and even cities have public Decency laws regardless of gender.

    But I do get your overall point. And the answer is, yes. If a child is breaking a law and I permit allow or encourage that action than I am responsible. Regardless of my or your opinion of the law.

  15. One quote sums up the overall problem in so many cases:

    LAW, n.

    Once Law was sitting on the bench,
    And Mercy knelt a-weeping.
    “Clear out!” he cried, “disordered wench!
    Nor come before me creeping.
    Upon your knees if you appear,
    ‘Tis plain your have no standing here.”

    Then Justice came. His Honor cried:
    “Your status? — devil seize you!”
    “Amica curiae,” she replied —
    “Friend of the court, so please you.”
    “Begone!” he shouted — “there’s the door —
    I never saw your face before!”

    (from the Devil’s Dictionary.)

    But that’s why Pardons exist. The Pardon is there for cases where the law is too harsh and cannot consider all variables because of how it is written. Doesn’t mean we can’t complain when we think the way a law is written is unjust and demand improvements.

  16. The real problem is denial about human sexuality, usually based on religious grounds instead of ethical grounds, and improper sex education.

    The facts are:

    Teens experiment with sex. They will lie to anyone required to do so. I’ve seen me, er, them do it. It doesn’t matter what the “number” the state picks is because at about 13-14 (or earlier), the hormones start kicking in. Hormones make you CRAZY. That isn’t open for debate. Some people never overcome thinking with their genitalia first and their brains second. This is in no way meant to endorse sex with children by adults. I do hate child molesters worse than I hate fascists (and that’s saying something) but the difference between an 18 and 15 y.o. mentally and physically is far far different than between a 40 y.o. and 15 y.o. In that instance, well, the adult is likely the one with the issues and should bear the brunt of legal sanction. Physical age may be absolute, but sexual and emotional maturity are relative. Accordingly, that should be figured into proper legal recourse. ‘Nuff said.

    Homosexuals have been around as long as heterosexuals. And vice versa. Even in the military. Ask Alexander the Great.

    Education and fighting poverty can both reduce both unplanned pregnancy and potentials for abuses as evidenced by data collected globally related to unplanned pregnancy.

    And that is all I have to say about that.

  17. I do agree with “Buddha Is Laughing” on those points.

    Fact of the matter is, at one time the average life expectancy was about 20 years old across the entire planet. Many cultures still practice arranged marriage as early as 12 and in Egypt this was the average age of the Pharaohs.

    There is also a Scientific Principle that applies here. In an experiment done on Flies, it was shown that the age at which an organism has children affects it’s life span and rate of development in future generations.

    Having children younger and younger results in a lower overall life span for your great grand children if the pattern continues but can result in, for example 13 year old girls who are fully developed.

    On the flip side, waiting to have children results in a longer life span and slower development.

    Yes, I know, diet and hormones are also a factor, but not the only factor. age of sex simply applies to the built in biological clock, a form of evolution to ensure a species lives long enough to reproduce and raise it’s young which is part of the larger science of Epigenetics.

    It could be argued that the age of consent should be adjusted to reflect the reality of sexual development.

    It can also be argued that waiting to have children until you are 30, as many career minded couples do, can result in a longer life spans and adults who look more like children, which would result in the raise of consent going up to 30.

    All of these are reasonable questions to make.

  18. Okay I checked out that link and that girl does not appear to be 13! She looks way older than that!!
    That girl is just a slut. Plain and simple explanation. She’ll get knocked up before she graduates highschool and she’ll never amount to anything.
    She should be banned from using myspace. She is also a sexual predator.

  19. Sally:

    “That girl is just a slut. Plain and simple explanation. She’ll get knocked up before she graduates highschool and she’ll never amount to anything.”

    Slutty or no, she has the judgment of a 13 year old (apparently unaided by her parents), and is worthy of legal protection. I am amazed at what you can predict from a simple gaze and a perusal around a web site. On the sexual predator issue, can one really be the hunter, when the game knocks at your door?

  20. as a father of a teenage girl, I can say without hesitation or equivacation-they aint of this world. Hopefully once they are in their twenties they become human again.

    Any other dads in the support group of fathers of teenage girls?

  21. my son was charged wit .statutory rape wit a girl who lied about her age. not only did she lie bout her aged she was very well known around town for the neighborhood slut she had sex wit every1 of his friends n had a fb account sayin she she was 18. she had been fairly new to our school n told all the boys she was 15 goin on 16 in feb my son was 17 at the time that he had met her at that time she was having sex wit his friend who was 19 n had a girlfriend so she was txtin him through my sons phone. when his friend wanted nomore to do wit her she began txtin my son pervokitive messages tellin him what she wanted to do to him. after a couple of months my son was out wit his friends on a sat. night and she and her friend txt my son and his friend and made arrangments to meet wit them this was 1:00 am my son and his friend picked them up and they went to a place where the girl gave him oral sex .at around or about 3am they were brought back to the girls house and dropped off she walked right in her front door. needless to say her sister told on her and her grandmother brought her to the police and pressed charges on my son. the end result of this was my son who was grad in june n had a good reputation in our district lost scolarships to a1 colleges could not perticipate in any collage football which was something he worked had for all his life sense he was in grade school playin pop warner. we fought hard 4 rights as a young man. but becuz he had turned 18 a week bfore he had sexual contact wit her he broked the law and was chared wit rape. i feel that the judicial system has double standards with the law.regaurding stutory rape.in nys state the law says that any child under the age of 16 is not of consentual age to give away their body.while in ny state a 13, 14, 15 yr old can go to a doctor get an abortion birth control or get treated for stds and dont need a parents consent to b treated also as a parent of a minor who the law states has no right to give their body away we can not ask these establishments such as doc offices etc.about anything your child has been treated for.whats even better this child can get pregnant and the law says it her right to decide to become a mother and the parents have no say, the funny thing is after that baby is born us parents have to financially take care of that baby and our own child cuz the goverenment says until ur 18 years of age your parents are reasponsable. .
    for them. I think the law need some adjustments and i also think that if you waqnt to be so hard on this type of crime then the law should make both parties reasponsable breaking the law should not be put on the young boys only because these girls continue to have sex with older individuals and seek no repermandment when you break the law you should have some kind of consequence concidering the fact that they are ruining these boys lives.i also feel that the parents should b chared with neglect and child services should be contacted when after the fact6 their child consistantly seeks out older boys and has intercourse when the parents know about it. the laws need to be adjusted to todays age these kids are having sex at very young ages all over america and if they dont want to adjust the law then educated the youth about the legal age a person can have sex just like our schools permote birthcontrol n condoms. wake up america these young children are our future and makeing them a sex offender4 as well as a felone leaves no choice to become suceptible to crime and things of that nature. where do the system leave these young men to go, they cant get a decent job thier felons and sex offenders.And i ask what do we do to help over turn these unrealistic laws that is brought forth to our young…..

  22. angry mom this is happening right now for my son also omg she lied for 8 9 month she even had a high school 12th grade ID Her parents dropped the charge the DA picked it up 6500.00 bail 10,000.00 attoney 1,500.00 for the PI he was going to start collage now everything is on hold

  23. This is a law our government needs to address. A lot of young men lives get destroyed over young girls lying. This happened to my brother when he was in high school. They told him if he fought it he would get more time in jail. The girl admitted in court that she lied. They never once asked the parents why was a 14 year old out at 3am drinking at a party. My brother barely graduated from the stress and the military turned him down after that. Then the law went from indecency with a minor to a violent sex offender.

  24. I have a friend who is going through this right now. And reading what has happened to others is making me extremely nervous. His court date is tomorrow, and if he gets sentenced more than a year my heart will be crushed. Not only did the girl lie about her age, but there were others who set him up with her, knowing she was a minor.(in order to get him in trouble) It was all a setup to get him in trouble to get revenge towards another person. I live in WA state. I really hope the charges are dropped because he was the victim. He was being used to get back at SOMEONE ELSE. Its just not right, and the laws do need to be changed. If someone can get in this much trouble (and have to deal with the rest of their lives) over a person telling basically a “white lie…” laws need to be changed, or a different approach needs to be seen. It is too easy to blame someone and get away with it. And for a charge that can turn a persons life around, a different approach and changes NEED to be made.

  25. My son was just sentenced to 10 years probation and have to register as a sex offender while on probation as a condition of his plea. Like many of you that are going through or know someone that is going through something like this. My son met this young lady on facebook and she stated that she was 16 about to turn 17 and my son was 18 about to turn 19. This young lady called my son to come over her house at 2am and so he told her that he was with a couple of his friends could they come too, and the young lady stated yes. Based off my son he stated that he didn’t have sex with this young lady that night but did two previous times. But a laptop and cell phone came up missing and that is what made her tell her mom that she had company over and that she and my son had sex that evening. We did not find out the age of this young lady until we were at my son’s first court appearance, she was 12 years old at the time….She was no virgin and I am sure that she has lied to several men…After my son’s bond hearing, the young lady contacted my son’s best friend and stated in the inbox on FB that she lied and that her mother was making her do this. But with the Rape Sheild Law and the Child Hearsay Law it was not admissable in court. But my thing is this if you believed her first statement why couldn’t you believe her second statement????? I am wanting to make a stand to change the law in the state of Georgia, which has one of the toughest statutory rape laws in the US., How can I get started or do any of you know someone that can assist me with this? Thank you in advance..

  26. The US government is just, seriously screwed up. Example: How can you get 5 years for illegally downloading a MJ song, but the doctor was charged with murdering him, and got 4 years in jail. The law needs to be remade by some free thinking people, and not some stuck up tightwads

  27. It is a crazy thing! I am worried sick right now! I have just been told by a girls brother she is 16, after she posted on Craisglist, said she was older, and sent pics of a girl with tattoos and obviously over the age, We never even met, but just the idea I am gonna get dragged into something because I was lied too! Its sickening! Adults who consent with other adults should not suffer at the hands of teens who manipulate and lie, hurting people who were never seeking it in the first place.

    this need to be stopped why should males be in trouble for a lying female who is looking for attention the only reason i discovered this for a high school essay that i am writing i am only 15 and am very upset on how these attention seeking females are taking advantage to all these males which are only entranced with these females charm and their own hormones and such why cant these females have sexual intercourse with males there own age.

  29. The strange thing is that when children really are molested they are not believed; this child is so screwed up she’s out there deliberately getting molested and her family is part of the scene. I agree with Jill. The fact that courts are willing to come down like a ton of bricks on teen-age boys doing what comes naturally with girls they think are legally permitted to do the same is actually hiding the fact that courts are UNWILLING to come down even like a raindrop on grown men who have sexually exploited young girls so that these kinds of situations abound. Dishonesty, sexual promiscuity with non-peers, and manipulations based on sexual conduct are ALL signs of a history of incest or other child sexual abuse. The 13-year-old girl needs to be in treatment and probably AWAY from that home she’s been living in so far.

  30. i agree with malisha because for one what is she doing exploiting herself in those kind of photos its like she wanted the attention so she did those things to get it but in the end those two males are the ones that get penalized that is truly unfair the law enforcers need to enforce this law to females also

  31. I am going through this right know with my son. He was arrested and charged with a felony indecent liberties with a minor. He met a what he believe to be a 18 year old on a website.He asked her her age and when her birthday was she said she would be 19 in May. She looked older than she was in photos.

    They were suppose to meet one night but she said she got in an accident, however she would be babysitting the next night and the homeowners were okay with him coming by. They kissed that was it, he stated they were just meeting and getting to know each other. Next thing he knew she contacted her mom and said someone was trying to break in. The police came and he was arrested. He found out when being processed the girl was only 14. She has been removed from the website.

    These teens that are not setting the record straight and are allowing others to be railroaded and charged with something that will stay with them and ruin them for the rest of their lives. This is costing THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars I will need to take out loans to help fight for my son.

    He has always been a great kid, never in any trouble, excellent in school and would do anything for anyone who needs help. He joined the service approximately a year and a half ago and was just recently relocated to a new base. Therefore he was hoping by going on this website to meet people from the area.

    This is financial and emotional destroying us. Yet the minor just gets to walk away scott free and smelling like roses. I don’t know if this sound wrong to anyone else but I can certainly this is a shame that our judicial system allows this to happen.

    Can someone tell me where the justice is in this. A young man willing to fight for our country and our freedomThere should be some kind consequence for the teenager.

    Any advice, any support groups anybody willing to address our Senators and Congressman.We are giving children to much control there needs to be consequences.

  32. I am 31 years old now, my now ex wife and I separated 2 and 1/2 years ago.. About 1 and 1/2 years ago I joined a dating website and met this what I thought was a nice girl who was supposedly 22. We talked via phone conversations, text messaging, The dating website, and facebook (her fb profile said she was 22 as well). I had asked her several times during our conversations if she was really 22. She really looked the part. After talking for a couple of months, I met this young lady.. Needless to say, She was only 13, I found that out when her mom called me when I was on my was home from the date.. Nothing happened with this girl but kissing.. Her mom called the cops, they interviewed me, I am being charged with attempted criminal sexual conduct in the 3rd degree. In other words, I am being charged with trying to have sex with her.. I will have to register on the sex offenders registry for the rest of my life and am looking at going to jail for 6 months, and probation for 5 years…. My sentencing date is this Thursday. I am a truck driver by trade and this blew up my career as I’m not allowed to cross state lines and most trucking companies won’t hire a person with a felony and that’s on the sex offenders registry.. I truly agree with all of you and things need to be changed.. Btw, I live in Michigan and even though she admitted to the cops that she lied to me about her age and she never told me how old she really was, I cannot use she lying to me about her age as a defense..

  33. Several years ago (in the 2000s), I had a similar situation on MySpace in which the “adult” I was chatting with turned out to be 14. In my case, HER FATHER hijacked her account suddenly to call me a pervert for chatting with her (a view of her account showed no indication that she was anything but “street legal”). While I never had sex with (or even met) the girl in question, I did contact MySpace authorities (they DO exist), sending them a copy of the conversation as proof of her underage status. THEY eventually deleted her account (or perhaps the dad did– I can’t be 100% sure), but her account WAS deleted (in such a case, someone who was aware of incident # 1 noted above should have informed MySpace of the situation (who, by rights, SHOULD HAVE DELETED HER ACCOUNT)! All I can say is, IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME!!!!!

  34. My son received a sentenced to 5 years probation and will have to register the rest of his life due to meeting a girl on Facebook that was younger than what she posted. Keep in mind he did lie and say he was 18 when he was in fact 20. Also keep in mind that the girl requested him to be “friend” first, and my sons facebook profile stated the real facts of his age that she had access to. But he’s the criminal? They never met, but of course her mother saw her messages and flipped out. Where was the mother teaching her child about not lying or talking or sending friend requests to boys over the age of 18? Our laws are not fair, not consistent. My son has lost a football scholarship that he worked his tail off for, not to mention the public humiliation. The press was non-stop and of course never did their research. Until facebook and other web sites are regulated and controlled, the true “victims” as in our children will continue to have this happen.

  35. If a police officer (and the officer is really an adult) pretended to be underage, then a guy could be arrested for trying to have sex with them. The reasoning in that is “you were trying to have sex with a minor even if it turned out it was really a police officer pretending to be a minor.” But on the other hand, these guys can be arrested for having sex with a minor who pretends to be adult. The reasoning in that is “you should have known their age, even if they provided fake ID.” Can’t there at least be consistency here? Either the only thing that is relevant is the victim’s actual age (and thus a guy can be arrested if the minor lies about their age, but a guy can’t be arrested if a police officer is pretending to be a minor) or the only thing that is relevant is the age the victim claims to be (and thus a guy can be arrested if the police officer pretends to be a minor, but can’t be arrested if the minor lies about their age.) The law should be consistent in this respect.

  36. Hi we have been going through this since 2011 my son was a senior in high school he and his twin sis but they met this young lady at summer camp in 2008 she befriended my daughter first and even at that time everybody hung out together they were 14 at the time and they were all together we live in a suburb right north of Chicago well the young lady left and resurface again when my son was a camp counselor for the YMCA where he saw he girl he ask her where u been she said Denver my mom remarried and relocate but we dnt get along so I came bak to stay with my dad well her mom end up Divorcing at the time and she came back as well long story short this girl all this time kept telling my son she was 15 going on 16 and she was at the Y helping her dad as a punishment her dad also worked at the Y later on we found out she was there for summer camp in that younger group my son saw her in none the less the young lady mom as it turns out was physically and Verbally abusive and she ran away from home all the time well I took my daughter dwn to school to Carolina and my son called me and said the young lady mom beat her up and she ran away I came home the police at my door came and got her fine My son went away to southern Illinois to school came home for the summer of 2012 we received a letter from an adoption agency that this girl was giving birth to twins and giving them up we said what than they came to my son and arrested him no charges at the time they kept the boys this is when we found out she was 16 well the mom wouldn’t let us see the boys than the girl shows up at our house and said her mom put her out and she cnt keep the boys this was christmas than her mom contact me and said lets work it out we did til 2013 of April when her mom got mad because my son called the detective to find out what’s goin on with the case well at the time the detective had no idea that we were talking or even knew we were in contact well she was dating the cop little did we know any way this woman has the authority to do what ever she wants and the DA office let her I have never seen such a corrupt system all my life even though this girl is now 18 has went to the DAs office told them she wants the charges dropped and she has filled abuse charges against her mom brought the babies to us got DCFS involved this happen thanksgiving weekend 2013 even gave statement to our lawyer than Jan she went back to her mom with the babies in exchange for her to drop the case and of course she lied and here we are today we have got to do something our young Black men and men in General can not and should not go through this because of some mad ass mother and in our case this woman who was sexually abuse by her own DAD and has not dealt with her own issues and is now Angry because she thinks her daughter has been ruined and taken advantage of and trying to Avenge but she is using the system to breathe Malice and at this point what can we do my son misses and love his boys and is a good father but because of this law and the power that the suppose to b victim who lied about her age we suffer emotionally financially he cnt go to the service he cnt concentrate on anything and the young lady keeps calling and my son just dnt want anything from her but the boys cause the mom and the girl are abusive in some form or another and it’s not fair

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