Historical Revisionism With a Bite: From the Dallas Cowboys to Hillary Clinton, Hitler Film Becomes Favorite Parody

A friend recently sent me the new parody targeting Hillary Clinton using a scene from a film of Hitler in the bunker with his generals. It was very familiar. It is a scene from Der Untergang (The Downfall). Previously, a friend sent me the same clip dubbed to attack the Dallas Cowboys. Both clips are shown below. It seems that historical revisionism has found a voice in American politics and sports.

The first use of the clip was a pretty funny attack on the Dallas Cowboys. As a Chicago bears fan, it was sent to me by a friend who despises the Cowboys. For the video, click here.

The Hillary version is a bit more biting and profane, here. Warning, this version has some very bad language .

There is also a version based on Microsoft Live service, click here.

I have not seen a more over used clip since my kids introduced me to the gummy bear series, click here. The clip is now in various languages and variations.

I think that it may be time to find another historical clip worth dubbing. Besides, there is no historical film as riveting as the real campaign. Moreover, the clip on Hillary is far too profane. It might have been more funny if the authors used more restraint and dropped some of the language. It was sent to me by folks who obviously are not crazy about Clinton and it has become a major hit on the Internet.

The interest in the clip is not just the popularity of this one clip but also how poisonous this campaign has become. When you compare this clip with the recent outburst at the rules committee, here, it is hard to see how these two forces will come completely together. Adding to the current rancor are reports that the Clinton campaign is insisting that Obama help pay off Clinton’s debts — a distinctly unpopular move with Obama supporters.

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  1. badger:

    Are you running for President of that Benedict Arnold Society chapter again?

  2. God Bless Hillary Clinton & Bless all my Clinton supporter friends that have steadfastly insisted they will vote McCain in November rather than vote for Obama.

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