Shock Video: 78-Year-Old Man Hit in Street and Left as Dozens of People Drive or Walk By

There are times when one has to wonder about the future of our species. In the video linked below, Angel Torres, 78, is struck by two cars in the streets of Hartford, Connecticut and left in the street. The video shows a dozen cars passed by without stopping and pedestrians doing nothing to help Torres who is now paralyzed from the neck down. No one even bothered to call 9-11 as they walked away.

The video is a chilling reminder of how disconnected and callous many people can be in the face of suffering. What is astonishing is that people are seen slowing down to get a better view of Torres and then continuing on with rendering the slightest assistance. Two cars merely turn around to avoid his obstruction in the road.

Under the common law, there is a “no duty to rescue” rule that relieves us of liability for not acting to help others. Yet, any notion of decency or morality condemns the onlookers as well as the hit-and-run drivers. I am rarely surprised to see people without any sense of humanity. However, it appears that at any given moments in the streets of Hartford as much as 100% of a couple of dozen people could be devoid of both morals and humanity. I expect Hartford is not unique, but this will remain a stain on that city for years to come for decent people living there.

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24 thoughts on “Shock Video: 78-Year-Old Man Hit in Street and Left as Dozens of People Drive or Walk By”

  1. “I’m literally speechless that I’ve read comments here excusing a lack of human dignity. Speechless.”

    binx, you are not only an imbecile, at times, you can be a most judgmental one at that. However, one thing you hardly ever are is
    speechless-literally! 😮

    The ‘comments’ you are referring to are mine and I neither excuse nor condone the behavior. My attempt is toward understanding. You have obviously never been in some other real ‘trenches’ of our society -including Hartford. Nor in 2008.

    I, personally, believe those of us in positions to help, have a moral duty to do so. I also realize for a lot of people, it’s often way above their ‘pay-grade’, as it were.

    I might also point out just how many medical professionals,
    themselves, have bailed of late, in part, because they are no longer interested in being first responders in this day and age of blood-borne/bodily fluid ID’s – especially when exposure includes being spat upon and physically attacked on a daily basis because we allow our mentally ill, including vets, to live on the streets.

    Never mind the added threats of bio-terror and possible pandemics.

    Sad, but true.

  2. binx101:

    Not taking it. I like righteous indignation. We need more of it. We probably wouldn’t be in the national mess we’re in if we had more of it. Carry on, corpsman.

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