Shock Video: Guy Destroys Office in Work Rage Case

Courts have been seeing an increase in work rage and work violence cases. However, on May 23rd, one incident of a man snapping was caught on a security camera. The video below shows how intense such rage and how it can be triggered by as little as knocking over a few papers from a desk.

What is most disturbing about this video is how a seemingly calm individual can be a ticking bomb waiting for triggering event.

Companies have been found increasingly liable for such workplace violence when they fail to properly monitor or respond to indicators of trouble. Sometimes, however, there may be no warning and the issue is whether the company responded reasonably with security. In this case, the men in the office try to restrain the man and some end up injured.

There is an on-going debate as to whether this is staged, click here. Recently, someone claimed to be the author of the fake video and stated that it was designed to promote a movie, here. If true, it is an odd promotion and a pretty juvenile. I am not sure which would be more interesting. The lesson in office rage or such an effort to stage a youtube video.

For the video, click here.

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    I was wondering what happened in the Duke Lacrosse civil suit. Sorry to assume your geography puts you in a position to know, but I cannot help but ask. Did sovereign immunity or the automatic stay pertaining to the bankrupt defendant come into play, are punitive damages available. is there settlement possible without legislative or gubernatorial approval etc.? Thanks.

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