I Can Give 6 To 9, But 1 To 5 Is Taken: Trial Court Grants Sudoku Objection

As an addicted Sudoku player, this one caught my eye. An Australian judge has dismissed a drug conspiracy trial after finding jurors playing Sudoku.

A judge halted a drug conspiracy trial Tuesday after some jurors were found to have been playing the puzzle game Sudoku while evidence was being given. The trial had been running for 66 days — just enough to complete a dozen or so “evil” Sudoku puzzles.

Sydney District Court Judge Peter Zahra was a bit put out when he discovered the jurors engrossed in Sudoku with two men facing life in prison in the dock. The Sudoku passion will cost the taxpayers an estimated $950,000.

The jurors were ratted out when someone noticed that they were taking vertical rather than horizontal notes. This is why at faculty meetings I work horizontally exclusively and only then use a shield of a large legal textbook. Amateurs.

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4 thoughts on “I Can Give 6 To 9, But 1 To 5 Is Taken: Trial Court Grants Sudoku Objection”

  1. I must be the only person in North America that can’t do Sudoku. I do the NYT Sunday puzzle in an average of a little over one hour and a quarter and I love crytograms. Can’t do Sudoku. It must tickle a part of the brain that has thus far escaped “actualization”.

  2. Thank god whooliebacon! It’s time upright citizens took this country back.

  3. Sudoku for Dummies has been banned in our library…an obvious subversive activity.

  4. They warn young children about “sudoku madness” in public service videos. That stuff will really blow your memory. They’ve even started 12 steps groups but had to take the 12 out of the steps as it posed an obvious danger.

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