7 thoughts on “Perils of the Press: Reporter Has Adverse Reaction to “Bugging””

  1. I know I consider it my life’s work to funsucktion. Consider it, “mission accomplished”! Bianca, of course this video should be enjoyed with abandon. Enjoying the video and wondering how to tell if videos are documentaries or fiction is not a mutually exclusive set of actions.

  2. I fail to see how whether or not the video is staged has anything to do with this. The video was funny and it entertained thousands. There’s no need to get into a debate about the reality of it. You guys are just determined to suck the fun out of every little piece of joy there is, aren’t you?

  3. staged, staged, staged, staged. I am amazed at how the youtube generation people are unable to see the obvious characteristics in videos that point the finger at staged, staged, staged. Seem simple enough; maybe it is the education process.

  4. Paul,

    How did you come to your conclusion? I just heard a program on how younger people are unable to critically evaluate information, (especially video on YouTube). I personally think this is a slam on young people. Critical thought is in short supply everywhere. I wonder how those of us who don’t have the knowledge or equipment to know if video is faked are able to figure this out. What equipment does one need? What are clues to look for. I worry about this because visual media is quite powerful and equally open to manipulation.



  5. Not exactly a promo from “Green Acres” was it? “Let’s get out of this country a** town….” LOL

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