Kozinski Snitch Revealed: Lawyer Cyrus Sanai

Various sites are now reporting that lawyer Cyrus Sanai is taking credit for the recent controversy involving Chief Judge Alex Kozinski. Sanai has a long-standing dispute with both the Ninth Circuit and Kozinski over a rather arcane doctrine called the Rooker-Feldman doctrine — holding that district courts may not entertain lawsuits challenging the validity of state court judgments.

Sanai has been filing endless cases and motions over a state action involving his family. Sanai wrote an attack on the court over the handling of the question, click here.

Kozinski wrote a long response to the matter and Mr. Sanai, click here. It was a bruising rebuke over Sanai treatment of a state judge and failure to disclose his personal interest in a state case. One highlight from the publication by Kozinski:

Mr. Sanai’s byline modestly lists him as “an attorney with Buchalter Nemer in Los Angeles.” The firm’s Web site identifies him as “a Senior Counsel and English solicitor … [whose] practice focuses on project finance, corporate finance and business transactions, with a particular expertise in international finance transactions.” The careful reader would therefore have no cause to doubt that Mr. Sanai is a disinterested observer of this court’s Rooker-Feldman jurisprudence. Nothing alerts the reader to the fact that Mr. Sanai has been trying for years to get the federal courts to intervene in his family’s state-court dispute, an effort referred to by a highly respected district judge as “an indescribable abuse of the legal process, … the most abusive and obstructive litigation tactics this court has ever encountered. …” Nor would the reader — unless he happened to enter Mr. Sanai’s name in the Westlaw CTA9-ALL database — realize that, as part of the same imbroglio, he and certain members of his family have hounded a state trial judge off their case (read the PDF); been held in contempt and sanctioned under 28 U.S.C. §1927 and had their ninth sortie to our court in the same case designated as “frivolous” and “an improper dilatory tactic” by the district court. A detached observer, Mr. Sanai is not.

By failing to disclose his long-standing, active and abiding interest in the legal issue he discusses in his article, Mr. Sanai has done the reading public a disservice, cloaking his analysis with a varnish of objectivity. Worse, by publishing the article while he had a case raising this precise issue, Mr. Sanai used The Recorder to call unfair attention to his petition for rehearing, to the detriment of opposing parties who limited their advocacy to the briefs. And, by gratuitously drawing my name repeatedly into the controversy, he has also managed to disqualify me from participation in his case, skewing the en banc voting process.

Patterico’s Pontifications reports that Sanai called him at 12:44 a.m in the morning to take credit for the disclosure, click here

It appears that Sanai may also have tried to get other papers and lawyers interested in the smut. The defense attorney for Ira Issacs, Roger Diamond said that Cyrus Sanai called him “and I said, ‘It’s not right, don’t do it.” Sanai has been trying to get newspaper to run the story since he discovered the material in December 2007.

For background on the dispute between Kozinski and Sanai, click here.

In the meantime, people are beginning to defend Kozinski and support his claim that much of this material was just private jokes and downloaded material for friends, click here.

As noted here, the idea that a judge must recuse himself for his private interest in such material is troubling. This was a private site that was accidentally made public (It is hard to believe Kozinski would invite this upon himself). It comes down to the specific pictures, particularly those reportedly involving bestiality and defecation. Those images would fall within the scope of the issues at trial. Nevertheless, Sanai appears to be a perfect menace and his clearly malicious intent adds to the concerns over this controversy.

Ironically, if this site were not accidentally made public by Kozinski, there might be a tort action possible for public disclosure of embarrassing private facts and intrusion upon seclusion.

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  1. What is troubling about Kozinski is the clique of ex law clerks who feed off of his antics. For example, there is Overlawyered. DOT Com with Ted Frank, where Frank makes fun(absurd ridicule) of people who go to federal court, often not citing the particulars, not being in the loop as to the record. He just has a flaming bias that he don’t like some going to Court on problems.(all be he is not a party, just soem Blawg nag)
    And, he says he is an ex federal law clerk that once played cards with Kozinski, and is like some P R agent for him.
    This feeding bias, knowing that Kozinski is some sicko in need of approval of the L A Perv society, does vast damage to the impariality of the federal judicary in CA.
    To ruin a first amendment— Kozinski is very strict on standing and access to court to cut it off, a record of shame, and hostility to the first amendment on acess to court(as to people) in major instances, & too many. His Libertine Libertarian Party Society won’t bring that out, they will rave he has a right to pump any flith he wants, where he wants, as if he is some biker hero.

    Yet, he seems to put smut, and porn on some pedestal as the sum all of the first amendment. Some may claim this Sanai guy is a pain in the arse, he is the subjct of ridicule by Frank, like Frank is some stalker, going into things, with a obvious ax to grind.
    And in doing so, it is part of that Ex Fed Clerk’s Club that want some allocation of justice, blocked access to courts for many, except big corporations, and to hell with people in society(let them be barred from federal courts.
    That is most troubling if any looked at the totality of Kozinski clique and problems. It goes beyond some obscure doctrine known as the Hooker-Feldman doctrine, and State courts, and reviews by federal courts. It is almost like Sanai(the Pest) is using some pretext to promote some P R for Kozinski, he ignores most of the serious problems on Kozinski, and yet, this circus will not reflect well on the 9th Circuit, regardless of what the 3rd Circuit does, having shoved off the problem for review to some large Philly Corporate law firm(not pro bono of course, but with meters running, profusely).

  2. In the saga of Sanai, it appears, that Cyrus Sanai sued his father((pro se), a cardologist, in Washington State courts.
    Also, other members of his family did as well.
    Also, Mr Cyrus Sanai sued his father in California State court, but the suit was dismissed.
    The lexis on will reveal the big Sanai legal battles.
    Also, the wife after the divorce was granted, sought to prevent the sale of property to get proceeds to split up.
    With that background, Cyrus Sanai writes some article in the Sept 2005 Recorder legal Paper in California.
    And, Alex Kozinski responded.(in the paper, the Recorder)
    Then, Cyrus Sanai digs in to computer of Kozinski, and then files some judicial misconduct complaints, after he got the L A Times to do some dicy article branding the judge as some porn freak.
    The last thing that any federal court would do is review some State court judgement involving a Sanai, be it under the Rooker-Feldman Doctrine, or any doctrine.
    The poor cardologist father(Sassan) bragged he had tapes of the wife’s conversations with her Turkish boyfriend(according to Cyrus)
    From that, things went down hill, into the great swamps.
    Meanwhile, many serious legal disputes are ignored, as the dockets are over-swamped.
    Sanai getting the PICS to nail the judge seems like some part of the vortex of the weird stuff, where his head is at.

  3. How come so many whose lives get intertwined with Kozinski or his wife are then branded as “disgruntal ” ?
    Maybe it is Kozinski’s wife, who has shown some disgruntalness, in defending her power mad judgey husband.
    Kozinski offered a challenge to the American people for them to point out things on the Nith Circuit operations, and then some guy—Cyrus–does, now that has drawn out of the woodworks a lot of disgruntal sorts, rushing to defend the creep Alex’s unprofessional conduct as a Judge.
    This guy is not some radio shack salesmen.
    It is truly amazing how some want to set the bar so low on federal judges, who are vested with trust, and duties in their professional conduct.
    This man has the power to take away your rights….. he has shown his true colors as a power mad judge, but his wife and friends think it is all just too funny, as they made quite a spectale all over the blogs, the I-net etc.

  4. Alex Kozinski sure likes to blast private lawyers in out of court statements.(as if some Appointed Zar to put uppty lawyers in their place, as if his pen is from the ZAR’s palace).
    See the big beef he concocted in Yale Law Reviews, towards Edward Lazarus, when Lazarus wrote on the U S Supreme Court(Closed Chambers), which was before Gore v Bush. Kozinski then seemed to hire as a Clerk of the court(9th Cir), the Editor of the Yale Law Review(a matter brought out by now Duke Professor, Ewrin C, who had been at USC, an was an ex buddy of Kozinski). That friendship was called off, after Professor C, dared to speak the truth.

    Notice, Kozinski has not sought to tear the limbs off of
    Vincent Bugliosi’s(his book) “The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose our President”. He is a lawyer down there in L. A world, and a famous prosecutor
    Now, most oddly, Lazarus is sucking up to defend Kozinski in FIND Laws, “Writ”, June 19, 2008. Edward Lazarus wrote a book about his father, at Fried Frank(a big power House D. C. corporate Law Firm), Lazarus, Sr who represented the Sioux Tribe. Its main bread and butter is big Int’l Corporations, their power trips, however.

    Senator Daschle’s Provision Granting Barrick Gold Company Immunity From Liability
    Thursday, Jan. 24, 2002

    “Just before going home for the holidays, Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle did a neat little favor for one of his corporate constituents. As a rider to the defense appropriation bill, he attached a provision granting absolute immunity to the Barrick Gold Company of Toronto for any liability arising from the 125-year operation of its Homestake Mine, a gold-bearing gash in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

    Over the years, the Homestake, once the foundation of the Hearst family fortune, yielded more a billion dollars in gold. Now the site is largely played out, but according to arguments supporting immunity for Barrick, it’s ideal for a giant underground physics lab – as long as the feds underwrite the clean-up problems.

    The government’s assumption of liability for the Canadian mining company may cost over $50 million dollars. Still, the pork-barrel bill probably would not be worthy of special note except for two reasons. First, it marks an interesting turn in the longest running legal saga in American history. Second, it re-affirms an unsurprising truth: This country deals far more generously with foreign corporations that buy our land than with the native peoples from whom we took it.

    Gold In Them Thar Black “.(google up the rest)if interested.

    This smut saga of Kozinski has sure brough out some strange bed-fellows, of all those rushing into print(in the Legal Circuits and Appeal court blogs), like Find Law etc) to defend Zar Kozinski, and his raw uncontroled power(out of court)

    After the Lazarus piece, Tom Daschle lost his Senate Seat. Now(Summer of 2008), the price of gold, oil, and commodites are bankrupting America, as Americans are suffering, and the U S economy may be going not recession—but depression

  5. To provide more dynamics, and the 2-sides to every MIFFING match:
    I am trasporting under fair use, a telling tid bit from “Legal Affiars, in an excellent piece by Emily Bazeon. which is(in part)

    “Reasonable people argued over whether Lazarus(a U S Supreme Court Clerk) bent the court’s ethical rules and breached Blackmun’s trust by writing about what he’d learned while working at the court. Kozinski, who treats confidentiality in chambers as sacrosanct and remains close to Kennedy, didn’t argue; he excoriated. ‘I have nothing but contempt for him,’ he said of Lazarus in the press. He asked to review Closed Chambers in the Yale Law Journal at a time when the journal’s editor was on the way to a clerkship with him. Kozinski used the review to accuse Lazarus of violating the Supreme Court’s code of conduct and, ‘possibly,’ federal criminal law for allegedly taking internal documents out of the court building. Lazarus says that the judge tried to have him fired from his job as an assistant U.S. attorney in Los Angeles and disbarred in California. Kozinski denies the accusations.”

    So, “internal documents” out of a court building, gee, this sounds like area 58, and Yucca Flats.
    So, the wife( Ms L A. UCLA Law hotshot, Tiffy) accused Sanai of dicy stuff, so, this has all the making of the collision of the earth quake faults in legal L. A. duels. Dueling has been outlawed, but Alex is goning to be on a mission, given his hot Romania temper, and his love of “bubble gum” and “chocolate”( see the interview of Alex, when he explained how he switched from being a “committed communist” to a dyed in the wool “capitalist” so he claims, Reason Magazine July 2006)

  6. I googled this offf the i-Net(transported here–Fair use) which I find most telling:
    “Cyrus Sanai, a disgruntled attorney/litigant, has widely claimed credit for engineering this smear campaign. …( interesting phrase—engineering)
    Sanai wrote a vicious attack against the Ninth Circuit panel (Judges Leavy, Gould and Clifton) that ruled against his efforts to get the federal court to take jurisdiction over his parents’ ugly divorce”( Kozinski was not on the panel, made no decision on the subject case, as a judge)

    The problem Kozinski has encountered(he feels bad when other judges are slimed on the 9th Circuit), & in that he has come to the defense of other 9th Circuit judges, who he feels have been smeared in the press, or blogs. He wrote a public letter put on the BLOG to David Lat(, when Lat smeared another judge, Judge B–the airplane matter). Judge Leavy from Portland is an outstanding judge. His father was U S Attorney General, Leavy.(Ford Admin).
    Lat is himself disgruntal, he went to Yale Law School, and was passed over for plum judicial clerkships. He then started blogging on various Blogs, and was even doing so while working a day job as a DOJ attorney in NJ.(all sub silento, or under cover of the blog-world, never revealing he was a DOJ attorney, while he was doing his blog-dishes)
    I raise a question: if a person is attacked(even if a judge), can he not defend himself, under the scope of the first amendment ?
    Sure ,it is obvious this Sanani( Beverly Hills) loser is baiting judges, doing a smear (engineered) number on them, and so to up the intensity of the bait games, he found a way to tape into a personal computer, despite the Communication Storage Act, and other Acts of Congress addressing trespass, etc.
    It is interesting the remarks of Professor T(GWU), at the dawn(here) alluding to statutory civil causes of action, not to mention common law ones.
    Judges pushed to the limits have sued people, it is not unheard of–after all– they are only so human.
    As this matter evolves, post 3rd Circuit, will we be discussing what the subject statute of limitations are in assorted matters, as to The Kozinski Family et al. v C Sinai. Time will tell.
    However, most curiously, Sanai gets the PICS, gives them to the L A Times, then it is like lighting a spark in the WWW dry tinder box forests, to spread like wild fire. Notice Sanai, has said little(some, but little in blog world) on matters( post Pics), he just peddled the PICS to the L A Times, etc, and the Blog-o-sphere, and Fox news supplied the blog-o-fuel. The attorney Alex Kozinski has hired is not a “potted plant”.

  7. All the photos, images, etc,(on some Alex Kozinski computer) had no relevance whatsoever to any issue on questions of federal jurisdiction, on any state court matters. None.
    Mr Sanai says he felt like Alex Kozinski made him some “pinata” in dishing him in public in letters, and cyber communications.
    So, what is the old saying, and this is not meant to be crude, but he(Cyrus Sanai) saw matters, essentially, as: “pay backs are a bitch”, or some agenda to even the score. We now see what is some California mini- version of the civil war. Sania felt like he was made out as some small man, diminished, humuliated in the 2005 incidents.
    Remember, in the Dredd Scott, ruling by Justice Taney, it was a barring to jurisdiction, in the late 1850’s, that launched the House Divided Speech(Ab Lincoln), and then the great civil war.
    Mr Sania is miffed in what he calls the 9th Circuit’s failures to correctly apply U S Supreme Court decsions, and prior 9th Circuit precedents—in 9th Circuit on-going rulings. Only one problem, he is not a federal judge,(and he never will be it is fair to say), and
    there is hardly any chance that Alex Kozinski will be kicked off the court, although far right Christian Web sites are now calling for that. Most interesting, a former assistnt to ex Senator Alan Simpson(R. Wyo) is leading that crusade, with his Christian WEB site, all up on his high horse.
    Some may be deeply offended in what Alex Kozinski(a GOP appointed judge in 1980’s) looks at(in Cyber land, (or real time, universe) , & how he collects snippets of pictures, drawings, photos, however, there is no way to prove that has made him unfair, and imparitial in anything he has done as a judge(in my humble opinion). But if any disagree on that, it would be interesting to see how they come up with any case(argument) on that. Furthermore, how many law reviews , or other written pieces have been penned by sitting judge(s), questioning some high court rulings. I will not go into any, in particular, here, but there are some—from sitting federal judges. Also, if any legal eagle is known to be an ardent supporter of overturning Row v Wade, his chance to on the federal court is ziltch, he is on a black list to bar him. That is why Clarence Thomas ducked the real Thomas in his confirmation hearings to be just barely confirmed, and any who have a strong position on that issue( pro or con) are made a target of interest groups to fight any appointments to a federal court position. Once on a federal court, however, it is not easy to have a judge removed, and some smut(if that) is not going to tip the scales on that, and Alex Kozinski is likely to set on the 9th Circuit for another 25 years. He was very young when appointed to the 9th Circuit, and like Bob Dole, he knows when he gets older, he has all those blue pills, to keep him going.

  8. Some perhaps were unaware of this:

    From the California Lawyer/ 2008 by Daly Journal writer John Roemer(with Cover entitled “THE GREAT ONE” on Alex Kozinski):
    “As chief judge, Kozinski will lead that fact-finding investigation(of another complaint against another 9th Circuit judge) while fighting off newer allegations of his own misbehavior. In 2005, Kozinski engaged in a battle of public broadsides with Cyrus Sanai, a Beverly Hills lawyer. Sanai had written an op-ed piece in a San Francisco based legal newspaper under the headline, “Taking the Kozinski Challenge.” Ostensibly, the article was about an obscure rule called the Rooker-Feldman doctrine that prevents federal courts from intervening in state court civil disputes. Sanai claimed that the Ninth Circuit has taken at least three different positions on Rooker-Feldman in published opinions. These “somersaults,” Sanai wrote, contradicted Kozinski’s claim that the circuit scrupulously follows precedent set by the first panel to decide a particular issue.
    Kozinski took the bait. A week later, he wrote an article published by the same newspaper asserting that Sanai was all wet legally and had failed to demonstrate his thesis. Then Kozinski went further, disclosing-as his opponent had not-that Sanai had a personal interest in the Rooker-Feldman issue because he had sought to get federal judges to intervene in a Washington state divorce case involving Sanai’s parents. Kozinski quoted a federal judge who called the efforts “an indescribable abuse of the legal process.” Kozinski concluded by contending that Sanai “and certain members of his family have hounded a state trial judge off their case; been held in contempt and sanctioned … and had their ninth sortie to our court in the same case designated as ‘frivolous’ and ‘an improper dilatory tactic’ by the district court. A detached observer, Mr. Sanai is not.”
    Sanai responded to the article by filing a judicial-misconduct claim, protesting that Kozinski’s piece was “a direct and intentional comment on the merits of [my] pending petition for rehearing and rehearing en banc by the Ninth Circuit” that violated the code of judicial conduct.
    Last year Judge Schroeder dismissed the complaint in an order hidden from public view that did not mention Kozinski by name. “Notwithstanding that no specific harm was done to complainant,” she wrote, “the judge acknowledged that his action was perceived by complainant as harmful, apologized for it, and, more importantly, pledged to refrain from such conduct in the future.” (In re Charge of Judicial Misconduct, 05-89098 slip op. at 4 (9th Cir. Dec. 19, 2006).) Sanai has renewed his complaint, denying that Kozinski apologized and citing evidence that he claims shows Kozinski continues to comment on his case on the Internet.”

    Now, the matter has erupted over big time( June 2008) fueled by photos off a home computer(server) of the ” Great One”. The only question is did his wife this time(June 2008) take Sanai’s bait, even more ? Plus, in Congress, continued attacks flow on matters 9th Circuit, and the 9th Circuit fought off attempts to divide it. Taking the Sanai bait, is an issue. All over an obscure obtuse doctrine. No, there seems to be much more at stake. Most curiously, the NET is the feeding/ breeding grounds for ex 9th(and other) FED Circuit Clerks,(with WEB SITES) who have inflamed this matter , like the raging Wild Fires that took out Yellowstone(the Great Blaze of 1988)

  9. There are many misconceptions , and ill conceived transmitted waves of misinformation on the Kozenski-L. A Times Cyber Smut-Gate, now gracing the blog-o-sphere.
    1) The judge(Alex) himself ratted out the judge, called for the investigation of himself.
    2) He admitted at least some of the photos were “degrading” to woman, did so in public
    3) The Judge attacked an attorney(Sanai), & did so in out of court statements, and then linked into a public domain computer server, and so none of that was some secret thing–and this was all linked in with the Bar paper in San Francisco–the Recorder, pre any smut-gate eruptions.
    4) Since the matter hit the national papers, and blawg(June 2008), a crusade of hostile attacks have descended on attorney, Cyrus Sanai, many coming from the WEB sites of ex Fed Appeal Court clerks(THE RAT PACK), like Ted Frank, and others who are admitted buddies of Kozinski.
    Frank is connected to AEI(the GOP think tank) with ties to White House in GOP Administrations. It seems to promote underlawyering especially as to ordinary people, who face powerful corporate law firms, who it seems to be a mouth piece for, with its other connections.
    5) The word snitch has been misapplied, and loosely thrown around.
    A snitch is someone who makes a deal with some in power, like a Prosecutor, to save ones own hide.(that has been covered in some excellent pieces by GWU’s Own Professor( this J-T site other pieces)
    What deal has Mr Sanai made with any in power ? None– was pointed to by all the cyber Doctors of Juris Prudence, and would be Special
    Indictors in cyberville
    6) Is an officer of the Court duty bound to reveal the misadministration of justice–to who, and how, etc, uncovered questions, still hanging.
    As soon as matters hit the fan(public PREESES all over the World–June 2008), Judge Alex removed himself from the L A porn trial. Mr Sanai did not do that, it was brought forth by his own action(Judge Alex), and seemingly in light of concerns of the DOJ.(the actual criminal Prosecutor)
    7) How many are snitching on Mr Sanai, another definition of snitch is to steal, there has been no shortage of Cyber Web servers seeking to steal his good name, and professional reputation.(he still has a CA bar card)
    8) Getting a fair trial, by an unbiased judge is at the heart of the U S legal system—many unresolved questions hang over the 9th Circuit, and those will not go away, no matter how many vile attacks are put out over the WEB by people like Ted Frank(Overlawyered WEB), who is the corporate bar hack, and mouth piece, spewing out his snake oil,and doing so inconjunction with some, who have no lawyer license at all, and are not professionally suit to even practice law any place in the USA( WALTER.. at some U., Mr Frank’s cyber posion pen promoter)
    9) It is likely that some(Professor from Stanford) have wrongfully charged Mr Sanai with a crime, and had no basis for doing so, just a reckless flouting of misinformation on Mr Sanai.
    10) There is a growing concern in America about the abuse of federal judges, who abuse people, and that the Senate does a poor job in confirming political hacks, who are mere political operatives, in the first instance.
    11) It is largely forgotten, that Alex Kozinski ripped into attorney Sanani first, using a paper in San Francisco, and linked to other matters, and that seems to have been missed(a glaring ommission of convenience) by Alex’s wife(Tiffany), as she now has added fuel to the flames, in further cyber crusades to whip up hate towards Mr Sanai
    12) Perhaps the label “disgruntle” is more aptly applied to Alex Konziski and his power house wife , Ms Tiffiany, the ex FTC West Coast Chairman, the ex U S Trustee, in L. A, the ex General Counsel for Hughes Electronics, and the current crusader for her very powerful husband, Chief Judge of the largest U S Appeal court in the U. S. A. Could one say, that Mr Turley brought for litigation in the 10th Circuit, and in Colorado on Rocky Flats, and it was not of merit, and then go off on him. Fact is, grand jury testimony is secret, and that is the traditon in the USA for over a hundred years, some say it is a matter to protect the reputation of the unindicted.
    Sure you(or some) might claim, well some should have been indicted, but a Court has no power to bring a criminal indictment, nor does a Law school, or some John Q citizen, or even Congress in a criminal court. Yet, the Stanford Cyber Professor essentially indicted Mr Sanai–and created a frenzy of web buzz making Mr Sanai a traget of smears all over the WEB.
    So, some may worry about the most powerful Judge Alex, but most curiously just pass on matters, as to lowly laweyer Sanai, he is met with vast contempt.
    Is that the culture of the Brave New Cyber World ? Or, merely pandering to raw power, as some new West Coast Fad ?

  10. Seeing as how snitching is something some have a beef with, if it goes into a “hottie”, & his wife is now on the beat to put out the National uproar, beyond the chic L A Bristos, then lets not ignore the total picture on how various parts relate to a broader picture of how Corporate power interfaces with things L A.
    All over the Internet/ WEB are the June 2008 letters of the wife of Judge Alex Kozinski, his chief defender in how his 9th Circuit was wired.(the kinky is just part of things defense in L A). Yet, this L A power “hottie” couple, are indeed some power duo. In case, the memory of America is too short, there was a major scandal on Hughes Corp and China, and illegal transfer technolgy questions. Perhaps, the letter of the Legal Eagle wife of Judge Alex rings a bell, under her name, Corporate General Counsel as named, Marcy Tiffiany, see below.
    When I read the Tiffiany letter, on defending Alex’s wired(FLIE SHARE) offices it had a ring of someone who knew her way around the power centers of America. Look, at her letter from 10 years, ago.
    I did not break into Hughes routers to obtain, or do a clever robit file decode. I merely used google, and a search engine, and presto, the letter of the Judge’s wife in her Corporate power position.
    I am not a “snitch”, is surfing the net now a crime if one adds to the information, raised on the very issues created by the “hottie” judge’s wife, on how Alex wires things. Big Net/ Cyber charges of some crime(that kind of gestalt and smear) were cyber charged by Standford Professor Lessing,(at his most livid spewings, with his WEB PAGE–the Guru of University Cyber Tech) attacking Mr Sanai, the targeted “SNITCH”, as if Stanford Univ is the new Specail Counsel center of America in matters Cyber.
    Most ironic, Judge Alex hired the same lawyer who defended Wen Ho Lee,(nuclear Scientist in New Mexico) in defending him , on his illegal copying of nuclear bomb plans(he copped a plea, so admitted at least some), and the Gov( then Sec of Energy, now NM Governor, Richardson in the clinton Administration) did not want to go into court to do the exposure of Nuckey Secrets in open court). Woman on all 4’s, with hot sex poses, in some animal degradations, are not exactly TOP Secret nuclear plans, so Alex’s out house lawyer can’t play his Nuclar shell games in the current matter
    See below, and, What next, will the Judge (or his clique) want to bar a googles search, for this power duo L. A. link ups(if it is from just out here—AMERICA). The Letter is, as obtained
    off of googles, it is part of the fabric of L A “hottie” wirings:

    HUGHES Electronics <<<< obtained in google search)

    Marcy J.K. Tiffany, Vice President and General Counsel

    July 14, 1998

    Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
    U.S. House of Representatives
    Washington, D.C. 20105

    Dear Congressman Rohrabacher:

    I have received your letter of July l, 1998 in which you request
    numerous documents to be provided to you by Tuesday, July 14. I
    did not realize that you made a specific document request when
    we met in early May. Nevertheless, Hughes is cooperating with
    all the congressional committees looking at these issues and is
    making every effort to respond to all requests for documents
    that we receive. However, Hughes does not have much of the
    information you have requested, nor are we confident of our
    ability to obtain it, and certainly not in within time frame you

    In addition, Congressman Cox and Dicks of the Select Committee
    on U.S. National Security and Mililtary/Commercial concerns
    with the Peoples Republic of China have made a request for
    copies of all materials provided in response to previous requests
    from members ofthe House and Senate in order to avoid duplication
    of effort and assure compliance with their deadlines. In order
    to facilitate a timely response to this request, it would be
    very helpful if we could coordinate future requests such as this
    through that committee.


    Marcy J.K. Tiffany <<<<( WIFE of Alex Kozinski, 9th Circuit)

    Corporate Offices
    200 N. Sepulveda Boulevard
    P.O. Box 958
    El Segundo, CA 90245-0956

  11. IN RE: Alex Kozinski, 9th Circuit, its wirings, Sanai, human personhood of people who appeared in the 9th Circuit, impacts on federal Judiciary, at large in America

    What happened to all the snitches at Rocky Flats, were they gathered up in some dog and pony show grand jury hearing, appeared before the proceedings, and then were snuffed out(in terms of being silenced) to never be heard from again–the political operations of the DOJ fused with the federal judiciary to dark cover serious problems ?
    So, that word “snitch”, has a conotation of disloyality(to the cabal), some Omerta like overtones, some oath to the band of Nukey contractors, who sucked over $ 10 billion out of Uncle Sammy’s pocket book(DOE operations, hide the problems from Congress, getting in the Uncle’s nickers(no real questions asked, addressed or resolved), but we are now obsessed with woman painted as cows, in a photo session from the Judge’s chambers( 9th Circuit wired world), as the woman are shown on all 4’s,(just animals to the Judge), displaying their private parts(among other kinky displays as only semi human, color coded beasts).
    A question is: does the judge have a kinky mindset to see a dehumanizing aspect to human beings, and is it reflected in any of his rulings ?
    What if the judge turned federal whistleblowers into non- humans by so robbing them of what makes them fully human–their free will, to act to rectify, fraud , waste and abuse ? And, he did so by turning the word “voluntary” head on its heals.
    Actually, that is not some hypothetical question. It is a reality of Alex World, combined with the world of some other 9th Circuit chamber mates(who were political appointees, before wearing black robes) and just like Alex in his special Club( L. A. world, the capital of smut, the porn capital of the World), who seem to have some “Snuff ’em” out world view of federal whistleblowers, particularily ones who encountered corruption in federal project matters.
    Ya, professor, that word “snitch”, area 51, the Nukey trigger plant pollutions, that has consumed your extra time away from classes, imagine, some “snitching” on a Judge who is not Mr great defender of the 1st amendment but the great robber of it to many–the over 2 million rank and file federal employees in the USA.
    Congress needs to hold impeachment proceedings—without delay.
    And, who came to the defense of “snuff” ’em” out agenda, subject ’em to hate, and ridicule, why the AEI attorney, ex federal judicial clerk, who so uses his WWW(cyber site) “Overlawyered”, as a cyber tool plugged in to the connected, & into the agenda of the Bush White House, from the L. A connected corporate bar.
    The PINK Code of silece is an ugly thing, and it is deeply entrenched in the way the 9th Circuit has dehumanzed America.
    It is more than woman on all 4’s turned into non-humans,(just animials to the judge) in some gestalt of this twisted judge, who has twisted things to dehumanize people— persons who got jacked around by the 9th Circuit. It is more than just some gestalt of the free floating photo, it is a reflection of how utterly twisted things have become in the 9th Circuit, and it is (or should be) of concern to all America(its Congress).
    This so called “strict constructionist” Judge is a joke, and he is the poster boy for John McCain’s problems too.

  12. What do you see ?
    100 people look at the photo. of the child, and the man seemingly dressed as a Priest, and the 2 others with costumes.
    Have you ever done that psychological perception exercise.
    One look, is of two glasses, look again it is an old lady.
    Or, the same image can take on different projections to the observer. Was Alex Kozinski playing with the mind of people ?
    Well, he put the bait out, and look what he got.
    Now, his hot shot L. A attorney( Mark H, the attorney for the ex Nukey bomb Designer at Los Alamos, will indict the WEB, the rumor mongers, the Lawyer with a beef( C. S.), the Banner of Privacy will be flown at full mast, the good ship Los Angelino is about to sail
    Actually, some who claimed they were Catholics said the photo was a riot, funny, amusing. Others who claimed they were Catholics expressed shock, flinging out expresssions of great offense.
    Did they actually see the photo, or get swept up in some mass hysteria in WEB-LAND ?
    Gestalt psychology, and ALEX World
    IS it possible that Mr Alex, did a grand paint ball on the cyber stage with the collective mind of America, and he is the Master claming some privacy.( his Grand agenda from the get GO)
    A priest wrongfully charged with child abuse loses his privacy,
    A man framed with poor lawyers loses his privacy of who he really is, as courts , concoct some other persona for him.
    Just what congnitive seeds has Sir Alex Kozin planted, for his wired
    networks via his 9th Circuit Chambers…. ?
    Stay tuned !
    And, conversely, the WEB is not ones little mountain Cabin, secluded from Metro-L. A wired world.
    The lawyer with the beef against Kozin has been the target of the
    L A 5th – 9th Circuit ex Clerks hate club, as so manifested on Overlawyered cyber chic site, and Pettrico’s Pontifications, another ex Fed Clerk, as if pimping for the Kozin, is some subculture of the Black Robed Clerk world, taking flight in Cyber Universe.
    Even the renowned GWU professor has waded into the pool of dueling cyber swords, with the loaded word, SNITCH
    Going back to square one— what do you see, and is what you see the same as what 99 others see, when looking at the chid, and the others… that is square one, in this Mind Blowing Paint balling
    going Postal thing that erupted from the hard Drive of the Kozin, as he is messing with the MIND of the judiciary, the bar, the WEB, the WORLD.
    But, are all the photos devoid of nuance ?
    Alex’s Lawyer intimidated the whole State of New Mexico, in the Wen Ho Lee, case, the Genie is out of the bottle.

  13. Just one more short comment:
    It is highly probable, given human nature, that Cyrus will not be included in his Father’s will, at least it would seem so on the surface. However, given that all is not as it sometimes appears in all things lawyers, what did the mother get from the representation by sonny Esq. Cyrus, it seems like it was the shaft.(given the ruckus–on-going) So, if the mother got the shaft, and the father got the booty, what does that mean—longer term– in a fuller sum of things ?
    Gee, Professor, this is the kind of thing one could almost write
    a legal treatise on, covering about 5 topics in USA legal World that go on in interstate justice: Beverly Hills, Seattle area, 9th Circuit, 3rd Circuit, WWW, what is truly obscene, what is justice, what is real representation, what is a judicial misconduct, what is bias, what is objectivity.
    If Cyrus could just post on the WWW a fuller financial picture of all involved, then we could get right to the nub of the issues, for sure. But, like the Flats: seals, and judicial orders do not allow the full rendition of things to the PUBLIC( only about 1/8 of the picture), which in this matter involves money, and family members. So, this side show, goes on in some side diversions.

  14. This call for an investigation of Judge K by other Fed Judges amounts to a slick diversion and it will be a nothing:
    A lexis of Cyrus Sanai reveals some insight. What caught my eye was his representation of a lawyer in a malpractice action, a lawyer who was with a big power house D C law from(W-C). Gee Sanai kind of floats with the power central, USA wide from Beverly Hills. On some other sites(Pontifications) suggestions have been made that Mr Sanai went to Washington(State) to represent his mother, in a heated domestic litigation against his father, and representing a family member may have impacted his objectivity. I am not saying it did, but that is the notion being floated on other WWW sites.
    However, this is not to pass judgement on that issue.
    Also, Mr Sanai filed an amicus brief in a case, where a fired employee was posting material on the NET on his ex employer.(source lexis).
    I wonder if there is a big problem just going to some common sense with the Sanai dispute with the Judge:
    First, it has nothing to do with any court litigation, major merits ruling, involving the Judge, as can be ascertained from any records on WWW, as best I can determine.
    Second, judges are appointed for life, the only body(entity) who can remove a Judge from the court is Congress , through impeachment proceedings. The 3rd Circuit has no power to remove another judge–none. Third, the charterization of smut or obscene materail is in the eye of the beholder. The Wife of Kozinski has made a spirited defense(posted on a Cyber site(Pontifications) that the material was not smut, was not the judges, it was a joint cyber site, the Judge really had little to do with it(according to the wife). Yes, the wife must really love the judge, she showed she is standing by his side. Probably, more compelling than what any lawyer could submit.
    I don’t know if that is true(the wife’s defense of the judge–it reads real good in the abstract on the WWW) , but time will tell in the 3rd Circuit.
    What if the Court merely notes, it was not wise, the judge(K) was not careful, the judge should be more careful in his personal life so it does not reflect poorly on the Judiciary(gets all that Cyber space attention), it would not even be a slap on the wrist. Don’t judges usually protect other judges, in some Club like thing, so the judiciary is put in best light.
    Now, the judge and his wife are making the issue that they are the target of a wildman(some out of control S CA Lawyer), some Beverly Hills lawyer, who they call “disgruntal”, and that he is this and that etc(won’t go through the litnay of beefs) , making Sanai the issue.
    It is most curious, Sanai represents lawyers who are alleged to engage in malpractice, and the brew-ha-ha arose from representing his mother. He is not a Washington State lawyer(Beverly Hills based), did he get home towned in the Seattle area ? Why didn’t he make sure his mother had a really good lawyer in the area( Washington State)—even his mother might wonder about that at this point, given all the publicity Sanai has grabbed using the case that involved his mother.
    Can the mother get a really good(Seattle) lawyer to look at the issue of malpratice against the son—issue(in Washington State) ?
    I am not saying there is, necessaryly, but who is independently looking at that big issue. After all, don’t mothers truly deserve really good stand up lawyers, who get results.
    Oh, did the mother have to pay Mr Sanai ?
    Strange, that never came out. What is the old saying, one gets what she pays for. She surely never paid for becoming a figure in all the publicity stunts now raging all over the WWW. SAD.
    However, was the mother left without financial means to hire a good lawyer in the Seattle area. So, I guess we should not be too quick to judge Mr Sanai on a complex matter. He has pointed out what he thinks is home town corruption in Washington State, he is sure to stir up a hornets nest on a lot of things.
    I sure wish all the secrets on Rocky Flats could be the posted on the WWW, and not covered up, given that 1,000’s of rank and file workers who died(many from nuclear caused cancer) , and others who got cancer related ills, and the malpractice of the DOJ was obscene, if not worst, all to coverup up one of the most tragic incidents in USA history, and the judiciary became a tool to cover it up. When the DOJ does malpractice—people die. And, Congress should wonder about that, so the judiciary is not a tool to hide the full truth.(when it caused vast harm to the USA public). Otherwise it does vast harms to the very fabric of democracy, itself.

  15. Now the judge’s wife has accused—underscore alleged– Esquire Sanai of breaking into their private personal computer, in essence, on the Pontification WWW. A very spirited spousal non interested appeal to Cyber Courts to dish the attorneey they feel is a pest, and bothering the cozy Disneyland World, called the 9th Circuit.
    Would that be life breaking in here, if one pulls it up on the WWW. a google delight. But, not to show any bias, the good Prawf from GWU, uses some Mob lingo of “snitch”, the rat connotation to go at Esquire Sanai. Oooh, oooh, so Godfather like or more pandering to possibly corrupt power.
    And, that issue about the 9th Circuit pulling games on en banc;
    look at U S ex Rel Fine v. Chevron Oil.(pull a quick google)
    If the same standard used by the 9th Circuit was used(in 3rd Circuit on Alex( the “Hottie”), it would not refer to Kozinski by his real name, it would refer to s-names, maybe using some reviled figures, Dr Jekyll, or maybe the Larry Fynt of the Chamber of Horrors, or many others, plus urging “imagine” to then come up with vile tricks to smear him,
    Yes, you laugh Mr Rocky Flats Esquire on you many trips seeking to break into Grand jury rooms to get secret grand jury material, as if courts in the Rockies are area 51, but see the subject matter noted, U S Ex Rel Fine, v Chevron, and then puke.
    By the way, you must surely know, in all you massive federal practice if a court rules no jurisdiction, no mertis can be considered, so it is like a pass for a license for Cheveron to bilk the USA, scott free. Is that some Federal practice you want to rat out, or just keep silent, Mr Prawf ? The PINK CODE OF SILENCE is well and alive in the BAR..

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