Chief Judge Kozinski Accused of Ethics Violations and 2001 Crime Related to Court Computers

Things continued to get worst for Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski. This week, the ABA Journal has revealed that the inclusion of copyrighted music mp3 videos and copyrighted material on his site could raise ethics issues. Much more alarming is a lengthy letter from Ralph Mecham, who retired as director of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts in 2006 that accused Kozinski of a federal crime in disabling a court computer system — exposing the entire court system to hackers. The disclosure came after learning that the music and pornography had previously bogged down the court system.

Kozinski has recused himself from the current pornography trial of Ira Issacs. However, the controversy will deepen with this latest story. For prior coverage, click here.

The inclusion of the MP3 files and other material raise questions over Kozinski ruling in related cases, including one recent case involving the illegal sale of copyrighted materials.
Most of the music is apparently the work of parodist Weird Al Yankovic.
Kozinski’s son Yale has taken responsibility for some of the postings.

Mecham’s letter is by far the most disturbing of the new revelation. He describes a 9th Circuit study that determined that Kozinski had damages the computer security system — resulting in hackers being after to penetrate the system. The study found that pornography downloads were rampant.

For a copy of the letter, click here.

For the article, click here

4 thoughts on “Chief Judge Kozinski Accused of Ethics Violations and 2001 Crime Related to Court Computers”

  1. “Why was nothing done”- I’ll tell you why, it’s because the judicial system in America is the biggest crime ring in history. period. Here in Los Angeles, the corruption in the courts is blatant, they don’t even care anymore, they make their own laws, ignore laws that protect civilians, they take bribes, and then spend tax payer money to lobby the legislature to pass ex post facto laws to cover their crimes, and they did. And Arnold signed it into law, along with an extra $11,000 each, in illegal payments made by the county. During a financial crisis, when we’re laying off teachers, cutting programs that benefit the community, raising tax’s doubling car registration fee’s, etc. These are our elected officials, they don’t care about America, as long as they can loot it.

  2. On this site, the copy(tab) of the 2007 letter to the Judical Conference(Judge Winter), by the ex head of the Administrative Office of the Federal Courts accused Alex Kozinski of engaging in at least one felony. It is the single most telling matter in all things on Kozinski, yet very little coverage in the press
    More alarming, it seems to raise the question, why was nothing done.
    That was in 2007, before the latest L. A Times naughy Cow Pics blow up.
    However, the Sanai tap-ins to a computer were to some personal computer of Kozinsi(s), according to the L A Times. Was that networked, cross wired, cross linked to any court computers, and how does that relate to mp3 file issues ?
    The 2007 letter on Kozinski seems to bring up he did vast damage(so alleged in the subject referenced letter, Mr Mechum) to court security over the nation, in his(Alex K) rigging of computer matters.
    Yet, this has been given hardly any comment in most of the press, hardly any significant discussion in blogs, as if largely ignored.
    Obviously, now Congress must wonder–are some powerful federal judges just above accountability.
    Have Kozinskiz’s computers been handed over to forsenic computer experts–or is that evidence that is just a place, courts do not go, courts like the 3rd Circuit ? Where does that stand ?
    Kozinski seems not to be the computer expert, he once claimed–now he is playing, gee I had no clue, that kind of sentiment.
    It is almost like the Sanai thing is a big diversion to gloss over the more serious problems, brought up in 2007(by Court Administrators), seemingly kissed off by the Judicial Conference, proving the courts can’t really handle its big bad dudes, who are abusing power in some troubling ways. Those people are just called
    nagging burecracts, the typical perjorative, so apart of the Alex World, “hottie” thing.
    And, yes, Kozinski was appointed by the GOP Prez, Reagan, worked in the Reagan White House.
    And, all his blog connections, linked to former Clerks, seem to do more to put up smoke screens, but even that raises troubling questions. Where is Congress on matters, or Senator McCain, Kozinski is Mr strict “constructionist” poster boy. How come John MCCain is not speaking out, does he have some talking points from his legal judicial advisor Ted Olson, and the other Federalist Society cliques, so apart of the McCain beltway clique

  3. bindo:

    Judge Kozinski is a conservative Republican appointed by Ronald Reagan, but don’t let the facts ruin your neo-con rant.

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