Unlicensed Chiropractor Snaps Patient’s Neck

Police have arrested a Sacramento, California man who used his own home for illegal chiropractic services. Antonio Arellano, 76, has been arrested after he snapped the neck of a patient — leaving him brain dead.

The 66-year-old victim went to Arellano’s home to be “adjusted”. Arellano reportedly snapped his neck.

The common law follows a simple rule in such cases: the victim can sue the culprit under the professional standard. Thus, if you present yourself as a real lawyer, doctor, architect etc, you must satisfy a standard of what a reasonable professional would have done in such a circumstance.

Most jurisdictions also make it a crime to practice in such a profession without a license.

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9 thoughts on “Unlicensed Chiropractor Snaps Patient’s Neck”

  1. It’s horrible. But isn’t it that not only chiropractors make mistakes? Professional doctors sometimes makes the situation worse. We just need to be extra careful in trusting these medical practitioners.

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  2. He must be punished. Chiropractic treatment can be very fatal if you are going to perform it without any knowledge on chiropractic. Our back bone is hard but it is very sensitive. One mistake can kill. Performing chiropractic without a license is not a good idea.

  3. Yikes!!
    But if this man was untrained and unlicenced, it is not really fair to the chiropractic profession to call him a chiropractor is it?

  4. I’m going to have bad dreams tonight. I don’t know how anyone can feel better after a chiropractic “adjustment” anyway? I never have…

  5. Amazing story, JT!

    Even an average practitioner with a modicum of training receives very definite resistance from the patient when holding the neck in a potentially dangerous position. It’s an unmistakably stiff preservation response – which occurs automatically.

    Obviously, this guy had no idea what he was doing!

    Doubtful this patient is feeling pain or much of anything else, now.

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