Any Color So Long As It’s Black: Iran Cracks Down on Public Dress Code

Iranian police have launched the latest crackdown to preserve decency according to Islamic law. Women who allow hair to show or wear clothes that show the shape of their bodies can be arrested or subject to whippings. It appears that Iran follows the same principle of Henry Ford when he said that customers could have any color “so long as it’s black.”

For civil libertarians, there is no greater mutation of human rights than a society which forces people to dress alike. Women suffer the brunt of this crackdown. Iranian men, it appears, cannot be tempted with even a glimpse of a woman in anything other than a loose fitting outfit. Yet, men will also be subject to arrest and flogging if they sport a “Western style haircut.”

The Administration is rumored to be working on a plan to parachute a battalion of hair dressers and Brazilian swimsuit designers.

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4 thoughts on “Any Color So Long As It’s Black: Iran Cracks Down on Public Dress Code”

  1. Any of you have really dealt with Iranian women? Do you know them? I think we are comparing Iranian women to our women, and then condemn the government of Iran for things we can’t even understand. Any American woman is an angle compared to some of these Iranian women that I have dealt with. At work we have 3 of them. All 3 married, all 3 cheating, but worse of all so manipulative, back stabbers. It is amazing; they remind me of gypsies. I really think we should really understand the people and culture before starting to judge. In the office, most of use, including most of the guys just about hate these 3 manipulative, sleazy, gypsy like women. I’m a woman, and I don’t want to be around them, let alone their poor husband and kids. So, let’s not just judge others without understanding the historical and cultural context.

  2. Brendan,

    You are so right! As anyone in New York knows, those outfits need to be more black. I don’t know what they were thinking.


  3. Merely a transportation plan to tote nuclear material to the Atomic Bike plant.

    Where better to hide aluminum tubes, yellow cake and heavy water than underneath black garments.

    Seriously, good luck on separating human rights from any religion.

    An old man coming to work in sandals with no socks sporting gnarley, extra-long, yellow/brown toenails…that’s a mutation of human rights.

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