Shock Video: Kalamazoo Public Affairs Officer Slams Teen Head First Into Wall

Police have to deal with unruly teens all the time, but in the case of Officer Derek Nugent anger overcame training. The teen is clearly yelling at the officers and being uncooperative, but Nugent is shown slamming the teen face first into a wall — the teen lost three teeth and the officer has lost ten days of pay in a suspension.

The teenager’s family has filed a complaint with the department and is likely to filed a civil lawsuit.

While such encounters were once dismissed on the officer’s account, more are being caught on tape, including this recent video with skateboarders.

For the video, click here (warning: graphic with bad language).

For the full story, click here.

5 thoughts on “Shock Video: Kalamazoo Public Affairs Officer Slams Teen Head First Into Wall”

  1. oh please stop with the liberal whinning.unlike the average citizen,people who join the force to protect and to serve are fully trained in handling situations as they come up.police brutality is not a excuse ticket.if a citizen had done what this well trained officer did he would be behind bars for assault and attempted murder.police uphold the law,not interpet it as they see fit to.

  2. 10 days of suspension was not enough. This so sad. This policeman bring shame to the badge.

  3. JT:

    I feel for the cop too who had no idea how to deal with a person in these circumstances. While deploring this officer’s conduct, his being utterly unprepared to meet this situation casts blame beyond the actions of one man. He appears to be a good person who publicly apologized (a real one) and appears remorseful. This should be a clarion call to further train our point men in law enforcement, but I am guessing it will just sweep by without ever a mention of the root cause of the problem. Of course, SWAT training will continue at full throttle, despite its rare use and dubious Constitutional basis. Those big guns, black tights and paramilitary camaraderie are just too much fun to give up.

  4. Mespo:

    As always, thanks for that follow-up information. It is simply amazing as you observe.


  5. From the article:

    “Since 2005, 20 misdemeanor and felony charges have been brought against the teen, but he was not prosecuted for any of them because judges determined he was mentally incompetent to stand trial.”

    The sad thing – beyond the obvious excessive force — is the total lack of training this 10 year police veteran had in first recognizing and then dealing with a citizen who suffers from mental illness. His first reaction was force then punishment, which has turned this entire episode into a debacle for all concerned. By the way, the kid’s crime was spitting on the ground and not paying his bus fare of $1.50.

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