Details Emerge in Case Against Daniel Watson in Alleged Scuba Murder

The details of the case against Daniel Watson, 31, of Birmingham, Alabama, in Australia are beginning to emerge. Watson is accused of killed his new wife Christina Mae Watson, 26, on their honeymoon while diving on a shipwreck.

According to Christina Mae Watson’s father, Tommy Thomas, Daniel Watson asked his wife to increase her insurance and name him as a beneficiary before their honeymoon. Now, prosecutors are alleging that Watson turned off her air supply once they dove into the water.

Daniel Watson is an experienced diver and she was a novice. They alleged that after she sank to the seabed, he then turned it back on. He insists that when she was panicking, he merely went to the surface for help. It is hardly the type of defense one would prefer for a jury since they may find it a bit off-putting that a husband simply let his wife to seek others to help. The picture snapped of the two divers above captures the chilling moment.

One would expect a civil lawsuit for wrongful death to follow.

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