Fake Doctor Accused of Harming Women in Negligent Abortions

In Chula Vista, California, the owner of a clinic near the Mexican border is accused of posing as a doctor and performing negligent abortions. Bertha Pinedo Bugarin, 48, allegedly caused serious injuries to women, as detailed in a 10 felony count indictment. After performing the procedures at Clinica Medica de la Mujer women allegedly discovered that they were still pregnant.

Bugarin is facing nine years in prison if convicted.

Nine women have accused Bugarin as the person who performed medical procedures on them. One required three hospitalizations and then delivered the baby prematurely after the procedures. Another woman also found that she was still pregnant after the procedure.

These women can also sue in tort which holds Bugarin to the professional standard of a real doctor in judging negligence. This is only the latest such case of a faux doctor causing serious injuries, click here.