Grumpy Wants a Gun: Disney Refuses to Allow Guns on Property in Showdown With NRA and Florida Legislators

In the wake of the recent Supreme Court victory over the Second Amendment and a new Florida law, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is taking on the mouse. Disney is refusing to allow employees and guests to bring guns to their parks — claiming a rather stretched exception to a Florida law allowing citizens to take their guns to work. Universal Studios has also refused to comply. SeaWorld, however, has said that it will allow its workers to pack and play. The NRA is irate over Disney’s effort to keep guns out of “The Happiest Place on Earth.” It seems that if guns are outlawed in the Magic Kingdom, only the Pirates of the Caribbean will have guns.

Gun advocates insist that arming Grumpy will not increase crime or take away from that mystical element of the Magic Kingdom. Indeed, when Disney and Universal Studios announced their continuation of the policy, NRA dropped the hammer. Marion Hammer, that is. NRA official Hammer insisted that “It’s typical of Disney. They have no regard for the safety of their customers or their employees.” Indeed, beyond the Pirates of the Caribbean, there is the Safari ride and Frontier Land where real guns are simply matters of self-protection.

Disney is trying to claim an exception from the law as a business that handles large amounts of explosives — given their firework displays. It will likely end up in court, but in the interim, gun owners are taking aim at the fish of SeaWorld as a much happier place on Earth for the lock-and-load crowd.

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4 thoughts on “Grumpy Wants a Gun: Disney Refuses to Allow Guns on Property in Showdown With NRA and Florida Legislators”

  1. While I agreed with the recent 2nd Amendment decision by SCOTUS, this story illustrates the lunacy of the NRA. The NRA has long gone over the edge on this issue and it would seem that they will not be satisfied until every citizen will be forced to carry a projectile weapon. Do we really want a society where everybody is packing heat? I remember the times that I was bullied and beaten in high School. Should my redress have been to shoot my attackers in self defense? It is beyond belief that the NRA has taken on this issue, without a semblance of understanding of where it can lead us. Sadly, I can only conclude that many of the members in power in the NRA long for the mythical days of the Wild West. The irony of course is that those days only existed in inaccurate, romanticized literature and drama.

  2. yeah i aggree, why they need a gun at the first place. disney have their own security, they should be able to tackle if there is any prob.

  3. What do you need a gun for at Disney World? Is there a big crime wave there? Is it reasonable for an employer to let their employees carry weapons? I can picture large lawsuit problems for Disney if an employee injures someone with a gun. I wish the NRA was this energetic in protecting the First and Fourth Amendments during the Bush regime.

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