Settlers Accused of Assaulting Palestinian Teacher and Then Tying Him to Post

In Hebron, a mob of Israeli settlers are accused of attacking 30-year-old teacher, Midhat Abu Karsh, from the southern West Bank village of As-Samu. They allegedly dragged him to a nearby settlement outpost where he was tied to an electricity pole.

Settlers are also accused of setting fields of wheat on fire. For the full story, click here.

Tensions in the region are running high, particularly after a Palestinian bulldozer driver went on a ramage and killed three Israelis and wounded 45 others. For the full story, here.

2 thoughts on “Settlers Accused of Assaulting Palestinian Teacher and Then Tying Him to Post”

  1. If it’s in any way critical of Israel, there’s always a qualifier. Yet if it’s from Israel or any Jew, it’s stated as fact.

    I always see: Palestinian alleges; Palestinian doctor claims; the IRC claims injured were civilians etc. But on the other side it’s: Israel killed five militants; Hamas rocket hurt an Israeli child.

    The US media is majority controlled by Jews who have a vested interest in keeping Israeli brutality and aggression for the American public and spreading lies about their enemies. Barbara Walter (a Jew) came up wit that 72 virgin lie on 20/20 and it’s been repeated thousands of times by ALL US media, without question.

    CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, The New York Times, everything from Murdoch, everything from Bloomberg (all owned, run or edited by Jews) are all biased in favor of Israel. How many Muslims or Arabs do you have on ANY US news station or panel when discussing the Middle East?

  2. “accused”. right. there’s a freaking video, for chrissake. and i don’t see haaretz using any qualifiers …

    “A group of West Bank settlers on Saturday beat a 31-year-old Palestinian man in the southern Hebron Hills, after having tied him to a telephone pole.”

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