Welshing on Tickets: Arizona Man Arrested for Magic Marker Crime

Timothy Welsh thought that he had a clever idea. He used a magic marker to change the three and nine of his license plate to eights. Then then ran lights and speeding — even allowing one camera to film him flipping the bird. When another man complained of receiving tickets, cops found the film and tracked down the 44-year-old Arizona man.

Police say that Welsh seemed entirely fine with the act when confronted and reportedly admitted everything. Of course, his brilliant scheme has him facing a year in jail and a $1500 fine, rather than a $175 fine (not counting the cost of magic markers).

For the full story and a video, click here.

5 thoughts on “Welshing on Tickets: Arizona Man Arrested for Magic Marker Crime”

  1. Very good! You are right. This guy does not have all of his oars in the water, to say the least. Especially since he had the good sense to flip the bird for the camera. I wonder if his alias is Niblet?

  2. This guy is the Arizona equivalent to Karl Rove. Flipping the bird to the police in Arizona, much like Rove through his attorney, flipping the bird to Conyers, et al. What damage can be done with a Magic Marker. I am not sure the pen company would appreciate this kind of publicity.

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