78-Year-Old Woman Accused of Hammer-Cultivator Murder of Husband

In Anderson, South Carolina, Gwen G. Rice, 78, is accused of killing her husband with a hammer and a garden cultivator. She allegedly attacked Paul Norman Rice while he was playing solitaire on the computer.

Her husband made it to a neighbor’s home died of a heart attack due to the trauma of attack. Gwen Rice then tried to take her own life.

I was not sure what a garden cultivator is — this is the first murder that I have seen involving one. For those interested, click here. It seems a bit large for the purpose.

For the full story, click here.

3 thoughts on “78-Year-Old Woman Accused of Hammer-Cultivator Murder of Husband”

  1. The old “Hammer-Cultivator” trick, ay?

    She must have been a communist… thats the emblem on their flag, right?


    Or was that the “Hammer-GardenWeasel” thing?

  2. Looks like a smaller version of the Throw Mama From the Train lady.

  3. I’ve heard of death coming with a scythe but an electric garden cultivator! How very modern.

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