Tony Snow Dies at 53

Former Fox anchor and White House spokesman Tony Snow has died. Tony was a friend too many and I was privileged to be among them. Despite our differences of opinion and politics, Tony was a wonderfully person — always engaging and funny. He was truly a wonderful person and will be missed. He was 53.

Tony has been struggling with cancer for years –eventually leaving his post at the White House when the cancer returned. Click here. His dignity and courage in the face of his illness inspired millions.

He did not have a mean bone in his body. He was originally a liberal and even supported McGovern, but became a conservative in the 1970s. Despite the heated politics of the period, Tony was always an affable and respectful person.

He was completely committed to his wife, Jill, and three young children. Indeed, we used to joke about the perils of fatherhood when we saw each other. I, and many in this city, will miss him.

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44 thoughts on “Tony Snow Dies at 53”

  1. It doesn’t matter much to me that Snow lied over and over again to all of us while he was Press Secretary, because that was his job. It does bother me how much he changed his position on Bush after he got the job and that he continued to lie after he left the job. At least hat neo-con, Zionist, Jew, Fleisher who always brown-nosed Bush or McLennan who started speaking the truth after he left the job.

    I don’t think that dying as a hypocrite and liar is worse than living as a hypocrite and a liar. And for those people that will say that it’s not good to speak of the dead in that way, I’m sure they’ll have good things to say about Bush and Chaney too.

  2. Seeing these statements about Tony Snow coming from the Westboro BAPTIST Church, further comforts me as to the disposition of Tony’s soul, as clearly, if THESE guys didn’t like him, Jesus and him are likely to get along just fine.

    In fact, my esteem for Tony Snow just increased fourfold, given during his tenure here he was able to draw the wrath of these noggin-nuggets.


    Way to go Tony.

  3. And this little Gem, is taken directly from the main page of the Westboro BAPTIST Church’s website.

    God is america’s enemy, dashing your soldiers to pieces. 4,119 dead. 29,978 wounded

    Thats the “Westboro BAPTIST Church”, folks.

    Gotta love them Baptists, ay?

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