I Had a Dream [Trust Fund]: King Kids Fight Over MLK Estate

The family of Martin Luther King are at it again. The siblings are in court alleging misrepresentation and self-dealing in the handling of the MLK estate. Bernice King and Martin Luther King III are accusing Dexter King of effectively transferring “substantial funds” from Bank of America to accounts he controls.

Dexter, 47, is president of the Estate of Martin Luther King Jr. corporation, and Bernice and Martin Jr. are shareholders. The family business is in disarray due to mismanagement and allegations of self-dealing.

As their father proclaimed:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

It is the character issue that the family is currently working on.

For the complaint and story, click here.

One thought on “I Had a Dream [Trust Fund]: King Kids Fight Over MLK Estate”

  1. Dr King no doubt is filing paperwork for disownment right now, at the courts of the pearly gates.

    Its a shame families cannot demonstrate the basic dignity, or class, to solve their own issues within the confines of their own family, and not drag each other into court like petty, selfish children.

    If your family cheats you out of money when a loved one passes on, you suck it up, and get on with your life.

    You can always make more money. But you can’t replace the relationships built over a lifetime, nor can you restore the good name of a family, once you drag it through the mud over a buck.

    If the guy took some money, then the brothers and sisters need to deal with it with him, one on one, and if no reolution is forthcoming, then they need to get over it and move on. Unless he’s cleaning out the account, then I’m sure they can work it out. Suing him, is beneath contempt.

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