Unlucky Rabbit’s Foot: Hamas TV Sentences Assud the Bunny To Have Paw Cut Off After Theft

Those gifted storytellers at Hamas television are at it again. Previously, we saw their popular television program for children feature killer puppets and an anti-Israeli Mickey Mouse. Now, the popular Hamas children’s television program shows a giant bunny character who steals money and then has the child host sentence him to having his paw cut off. The letter of the day, it appears, is A for amputation.

In March, a segment on Al-Aqsa showed a boy stabbing President Bush to death after exclaiming, “I will kill you, Bush, because that is your fate.”

It is Al-Aqsa use of cute characters for horrific scenes that has become its signature.

Al-Aqsa television aired its cute little amputation discussion on “The Pioneers of Tomorrow.” Assud the Bunny expresses reluctance in stealing from his father (who is strangely human) but the devil convinces him to do it.

Assud then discusses his crime with child TV host Sara and a young girl — expressing his shame and remorse. But the host says “The Prophet Muhammad said: ‘If my daughter Fatima had stolen, I would have chopped off her hand. If you were in Saudi Arabia now, they would chop off your hand.'” The children then debate the amputation with one proposing a compromise that involves cutting off an ear.

The Grouch and the Cookie Monster are certainly lucky that he does not live on Sharia Street at Al-Aqsa.

For the video and full story, click here.

6 thoughts on “Unlucky Rabbit’s Foot: Hamas TV Sentences Assud the Bunny To Have Paw Cut Off After Theft”

  1. It’s obviously so much worse if a Muslim makes a cartoon like this than a Hollywood Jew.

  2. Duck Season
    Rabbit Season
    Duck Season
    Rabbit Season
    Rabbit Season
    Duck Season.


  3. Yes!!! Finally!!! The damn rabbits in my neighborhood have eaten evry single flower I planted this year. The Rabbit-B-Gone I bought hasn’t worked at all. I’m sticking my t.v. in the garden with Al-Aqsa playing.

  4. Well, i admit i don’t know what time Hamas airs this show or who their target audience is, but, has anyone ever seen southpark?

  5. I can only imagine what Elmer Fudd would have done to Bugs if he had caught him stealing carrots from his garden. Does this put the lucky rabbit foot idea to rest?

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