You Go Girl: Barbie Prevails Over the Bratz Girls in Copyright Infringement Case

In Riverside, California, Mattel has won an impressive victory over the makers of the Bratz doll line. A federal jury has found that MGA Entertainment was guilty of copyright infringement of the maker of the Barbie series.

This is not child’s play. The Bratz line is an over $1 billion enterprise. The jury found that Carter Byrant — the Bratz creator — created the line while under contract with Mattel. The line was supposed to offer a line of dolls with more of an edge. It is an ironic time for the verdict when Mattel is being criticized that Barbie has become a “tart” and specifically outfitted the doll for S & M play, click here. Now, the company could regain a line of urban Bratz to appeal to the edgy 3-9 girl target audience.

The verdict came after a seven-week trial. The jury will now have to determine the damages. In the meantime, the Bratz will have to deal with Barbie — who has punked up since their last association.

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4 thoughts on “You Go Girl: Barbie Prevails Over the Bratz Girls in Copyright Infringement Case”

  1. the quote should read, targets girls age eight and up…


  2. “Girls Intelligence Agency targets girls age eith and up for Mattel, Hasbro, Disney, and Fox.” p. 168 of Buying In by Rob Walker. By “targeting” he means they get other girls to spread the word about these products to their friends. These children and adults in the case of other products are called, “influencers” by the ad agencies. Welcome to HELL–this technique is used by politicians as well.

  3. The more I think about this the more teary eyed I become. Two corporate giants who just can’t get along. Once they were BFF, now the relationship lies tattered on a courthouse floor littered with filthy lucre. This is the quintessential American Love Story. Boo-hoo!

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