Ohio Police Taser Blind Woman Suffering From Cancer

In Dayton, Ohio, citizens are upset over an incident where a blind woman, Denise Harris, 49, suffering from cancer was tasered by police — apparently while she was on the floor. The police insist that they needed to taser her “to control her hand movement.”

Family and neighbors insist that they told police that she was sick and was afraid. The initial police statements indicate that she was hit with the taser to facilitate cuffing — a very problematic rationale.

The police were reportedly trying to arrest Harris’ son on suspicion of robbery when things got ugly. In fairness, police often face hostile relatives in arrest situations, but it remains unclear why a taser was needed to be used for cuffing a blind cancer-victim (who is also suffering from diabetes).

The story will add to the controversial use of tasers as a routine matter by officers, including recent incidents of such use on a disabled man and pregnant mother and an 82-year-old woman and routine ticket violater. This is not to mention the case where the police entered the wrong apartment and then tasered a deaf man who was in his bathtub, here.

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  1. Horace Makodym:

    I guess you arent a native speaker of English? How did you pass the civil service exam?

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    The policy is this: “We generally allow for reblogging with a prominent link to our blog. Otherwise, quoting our blogs is always fair game with attribution.”

    Thanks for asking!

  3. Let my explain to every body how understant police abuse,I was Espacial Police Officer In Cleveland,The problem is not simple is very complicate.First any cop is thing is God and can abusing peoples because is have power,every cop thing all are criminal ecept cop,when a realty is a cop criminal not only citizen.The different are is lagal criminal,Prosecutor are another big problem,when belioeve 100% to cop,but ignore if said a true or not.Not every body is have qualification for be police officer,when is not control a cop what he or she doing and not punish hard a problem is will go ahead.I suffer many time abuse,I was arrest for carring canceal weapon,when I show my bagde my ID said I am a police officer,and he arrest a police officer carry a weapon.It crazy but real.
    Never I was abuse no one because I was have a power,I was respecr every one.But I thing I was a very rare man in doing correct.Another case involve a super cop Simmone in a second distrit,I know him very well.is a good man but are crazy too.When he shoot to kill a bank robber he broke a law,bacause by law he can”t shoot any one unarmed,but a city prosecutor ignore that.Don’t afraid criminal afraid a COP first.Thank you.

  4. When are police ever going to be held accountable for their brazen attacks against innocent and/or vulnerable people? I can think of only one case where a cop was adequately punished for an outrageous assault against a civilian: NYC cop Justin Volpe got 30 years in prison for sodomizing a Haitian immigrant with a broken broom stick. If cops would ever get HARD TIME sentences for reckless and/or malicious use of Tasers, maybe they’d think twice about using them on people who are OBVIOUSLY no threat, disabled, ill, very young or very old. Tasers send an electric current through a person at a level that is generally considered LIFE THREATENING, all the more so for a vulnerable individual. I’m SICK of stories like this one!!

  5. Whatever weapon they have, the authorities will abuse *if they are allowed to do so*. If the police only had billy-clubs, they’d have clubbed the woman. Remember when so many suspects were being pepper-sprayed? It isn’t the weapon, it is the philosophy behind using it.

    It does seem that the more weapons the police have, the more scared they are of the populace.

  6. Another thing we can do is start holding them accountable in the media. The individual officers committing these terrorist acts.

    An example would be last week, when the police arrested someones grandmother at a McCain rally, just because they didn’t like her sign said “bush=mccain”.

    She was arrested for “Trespassing” but it was on public property.

    The policeman, seen clearly on tape, had the option to tell the goon from the McCain camp to “let it alone”, but instead, chose to arrest this little old lady, just to appease some fat, greasy McCain PR stooge.

    And the blogs did cover it, this one included.
    But as always, we covered the victim.

    Well, how about we cover the police officer?

    Find out his name, badge number, pull his record..etc. Find out how many complaints have been lodged against him, what his vices are, what he likes for breakfast. Everything. We’ve all seen a million victims stories since 911, and it hasn’t changed squat.

    But start focusing our attentions on the offending officers, and watch the new sudden respect for the citizens that the police suddenly start demonstrating.

    They don’t respect us now. We’re “sheep”.

    We act like sheep. We “baaaa” like sheep. And when they bark, we cower like sheep.

    And when they kill one of us, we accept it, as the wolves simply thinning the herd.

    If we want them to respect the people again, the people they’re sworn to protect, not persecute, then we need to act respectable.

    And that means holding these officers accountable for thier actions “against” us.

    When officers taser an old woman, a handicapped or disabled person, shoot a man they just rescued in the chest, even though theres half a dozen officers standing around and the man is not lethally armed, taser an old man at the airport, arrest someones grandmother for nothing, etc… the names of every officer involved, including photos, badge numbers, etc, should be plastered on the Internet in some sort of online database that everyone can see.

    We could start an internet hall of shame for them, just like they do in some states for people who failed to pay taxes, or for deadbeat dads who won’t pay their child support. Put their names up in lights.

    Let all the people see just WHO is terrorizing the people, and we’ll get their attention.

    But when half a dozen cops taser a BLIND woman, and we do nothing, then we deserve to be looked at as sheep.



  7. Jill
    1, July 21, 2008 at 11:06 am

    I think police are underfunded, undertrained and put out to survive

    Under-brained, is more like it.

    But yes, I do believe they’re underpaid and undertrained. But giving the current ones all raises isn’t going to stop them from persecuting the general population, which is all they pretty much do anymore.

    Whats going to stop that I don’t know. New cops. Sure. But leadership and oversight is really the only way we’re going to get a handle on this.

    For one thing citizens oversight, something the police are now beyond altogether. Empowering local communities to do more than just “elect a Sherriff” every few years is a start. Give communites the rights of oversight of the police forces who patrol their neighborhoods would be a good start. If abuse is demonstrated, citzen communites should be able to remove the officers involved, and initiate changes in leadership for chronic cases.

    Since 911, we were told to essentially, “worship” the police. To give them our 100 percent support, cooperation and trust.

    And we did that. In triplicate.

    And in return, we get our grandmothers beaten and tasered, our husbands gunned downed in airports and at sea, in cold blood. Our wives handcuffed, and dragged away like criminals over the most minor of infractions, and our children, arrested and treated as adult habitual criminals before they’ve even gone to the senior prom.

    And who’s to blame? The cops? Well, sure. But we’re more to blame, for allowing it. For blindly handing over our trust, to men and women who have jobs, like us, only in their jobs their given unbridled authority and control over us, to be used for both good and evil. And we did it, by saying things like “they’re so brave”, “they’re busy protecting us from the evildoers”, when in fact, half of them are worse than the “evildoers” they’re supposed to be protecting us from.

    And the other halfs looking the other way.

    We risk our lives too, every single day. We go out into crime ridden cities and highways, without the benefit of Kevlar vests, hi frequency radios, guns, chase cars, helicopters, tasers, and the full support of an entire force of similarly armed warriors.

    We have to brave the world alone, and unprotected, yet no ones giving us medals, or singing our praises.

    Being a cops a job. Dangerous? In some cities, sure. But you want real danger? Try cutting plywood sheathing on steeply pitched roof 50 feet off the deck, or working in a Convenience store on the graveyard shift, or driving a taxi in downtown DC, carrying your entire nights earnings on the front seat with you.

    There are lots of jobs, much more dangerous than being a cop. And few get the praise, the pomp and spectacle, or the omnipotent authority that comes with being a cop, yet they still must work in the danger, for low wages, without getting awards and constant praise.

  8. rafflaw
    1, July 21, 2008 at 7:41 am
    Today must be police over reacting day.

    Well I don’t know what news channel your television set gets, but on mine, I get CNN and MSNBC (we don’t consider Fox “news”), and from what my television sets been showing us, everyday, since 911, has been “police over reacting day”.

    How many more helpless,crippled, elderly people need to get tasered and beaten by these glorified goons before someone says enough?

  9. “ONIBABA is a classic Japanese horror film…
    A mother and a daughter live in a small, grassy swamp in medieval Japan,
    murdering passing soldiers and selling their belongings to survive…

    the mother borrows a demon mask from one of her victims…
    but the mask turns out to be a better fit than she had imagined…”

    I think police are underfunded, undertrained and put out to survive. They are told everyone is a potential terrorist. Demonizing leads to “masks with a better fit than one can imagine”.

  10. Today must be police over reacting day. I am once again confused and bewildered how police officers are unable (or maybe unwilling) to gain control of a person without resorting to deadly force and/or the sometimes deadly taser. In this case where a female, blind cancer patient somehow cannot be handcuffed without the use of a taser, where were the other police officers at the scene? If more than one police officer cannot gain control of a blind cancer patient, then maybe the police should do some more training or maybe the officers at this scene need to be working in another profession.

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