San Diego Police Rescue and Then Shoot and Kill Man Who Fell From Gay Pride Cruise

Steven Paul Hirschfield, 37, apparently either fell or jumped from a Gay Cruise charter boat in the San Diego Harbor when he was spotted and rescued by police. It would have been just another lucky rescue except for the fact that within minutes Hirschfield was dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. The police insist that Hirschfield suddenly and without provocation started wrestling with one officer, hit him with his taser, and grabbed for his gun.

Hirschfield is from Los Angeles and allegedly grabbed the taser and but did not fire it into the officer. Instead, he reportedly used it to hit the officer before trying for his gun.

The district attorney is conducting an investigation, though these boats usually lack the type of dash cam devices that are so useful in cruiser incidents. It is another reason why live taping should be expanded for all interrogations and field units. It would immediately put to rest any suspicions or allegations against the officers in a case that is likely to be controversial in this community.

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4 thoughts on “San Diego Police Rescue and Then Shoot and Kill Man Who Fell From Gay Pride Cruise”

  1. Deplume,

    How is asking questions about the circumstances of a shooting a rant? I could see if they were rhetorical and part of a larger post. Also your post is the first time the words Hate Crime are used, mine is the second. If you’re here to make posts about how we all assume things based on our left wing bias, your point would be better made if you didn’t assume things based on your own.

  2. Rafflaw won’t let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

    Personally, I don’t think it suicide by cop either. He was simply drunk and belligerent (or is it only straight, conservative white men that get belligerent, raff?). Once he did something stupid (which is unfortunately not unprecedented), and threatened the cops with imminent danger, they could respond.

    Besides, if it is a hate crime as Raff is suggesting, how were they to know? Waiting on an answer for that one Raff.

  3. A little update from the San Diego Union Tribune. It appears the late Mr. Hirschfield was an exotic dancer employed to entertain the passengers. Acting pensively and after ordering an alcoholic drink, he climbed over the rail and plunged into the sea. Curious are these words from the article:

    “Harbor Police said the ship called to report of a man overboard at 11:10 p.m. A small rescue boat from the ship was sent to help Hirschfield, but he wouldn’t climb aboard.”

    There appear to be witnesses to the scuffle and eventual shooting. This looks to me like a case of suicide by cop, and I think the officers, both veterans, will likely be exonerated given the bizarre nature of the circumstances and the decedent’s apparent death wish.

    Here’s the article:

  4. This is a bizarre story. With just the policemen in the boat, will we ever get all of the facts surrounding the need to shoot this individual? Where was the other officer(s) that were in the rescue boat and why were they unable to assist in controlling this indivudual without the use of deadly force? Too many questionsa and not enough answers.

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