Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Accused of Assault on Police Deputy

Detroit politicians continue their almost daily contributions to the criminal blogs and blotters. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is now being investigated for allegedly assaulting a deputy accompanying an investigator for the Wayne County prosecutor at the home of the mayor’s sister. The officers were attempting to serve a subpoena on Bobby Ferguson, a city contractor and close friend of Kilpatrick. The mayor’s sister, Ayanna Kilpatrick, is married to Daniel Ferguson, a cousin of Bobby Ferguson.

Both the mayor and city council have proven a perpetual motion machine of criminal investigations, click here. Notably, the prosecution just filed a superseding indictment alleging that Kilpatrick had other affairs beyond the one with his former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty. It is not clear if this subpoena is linked to that expanded investigation.

For the officer’s account, cleck here.

The deputy has alleged that Kilpatrick (who is 6-foot-4 mayor and a former football player) knocked him into the female investigator. Any contact with an investigator is an invitation for a battery charge. The media attention will not help the situation since police may feel obligated to show that you cannot shove officers in such situations.

This is precisely why most lawyers keep clients out of locations where subpoenas and searches are being conducted. It is always a tense scene where tempers can get the better of clients. When a client must be present, an attorney should always be present for that reason.

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13 thoughts on “Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Accused of Assault on Police Deputy”

  1. These stories about K. Kilpatrick are so horrific. This is the city that I was born and raised in and graduated from college in, but left long ago at the earlier signs of economic instability as I wanted to have a future.

    How awful that this man has so mismanaged his office, his duties and responsibilities. I hope he does some serioius time with all of these charges. Detroit,is suffering so – something needs to happen to clean up the image of this town before it goes down the toilet the rest of the way.

    A sad Ex-Detroiter …

  2. Excuse me, he didn’t go overseas he went to Canada without giving 48 hours notice per his bond. Go to WUOM, Michigan Radio for updates.

  3. The mayor has just been remanded to the Wayne County Jail for violating the terms of this bond by going overseas.

  4. I’m glad I moved out of and away from DETROIT, MICHIGAN. Compared to most other cities excluding OHIO and INDIANA, DETROIT has nothing to offer it’s citizens. Most of the Detroit citizens are still hooked on the “vote 4 black” anthem. The example is the prior Mayors such as Mayor Young (ran the city in the ground with his racist rants (some comments were true but his skills to deliver were extremely flawed); however he died a millionaire (hmmm.. good investing? I don’t think so. Especially with his many FBI investigations. May I add he only paid “chump change” for child support (an out of wed-lock secrete child while other under-privileged black men paid well beyond what would be called reasonable child-support), Mayor Dennis Archer (made requirements more difficult for black-men to become Police Officers. He devised a plan/requirement that you must have a adequate credit file/report. Hmmm, I have a clear criminal back-ground investigation, what does my credit have to do with being honest? Last time I checked, people get ill and have divorces and that creates an atmosphere for bad credit.), and Mayor Kilpatrick whom employs just about his whole family & friends on his payroll, used city credit cards and funds for a personal truck for his wife, parties, massages, and vacations at the citizens expense. Guess what! The BLACK FOLKS voted him in for a second term as MAYOR! I’m an African American and I feel strongly that it’s great to vote another African American into office, especially a youthful person; however I believe that black people need to wake up when voting based upon race. I believe the rapper Ice Cube said, “Black is a state of mind, not a skin color”. In essence, I’m not surprised Detroit is failing as a City and struggling as a State.

  5. JT:

    Detroit has gone from Mo-Town to Ho-Town and now finally to Blow-town. What a soap opera! By the way, I may love my clients but I’m not stepping between them and a deputy, or any other person.

  6. Remind me to stay out of Detroit! This story gets weirder each day. The citizens of Detroit need to do something to rid themselves of this distraction and get back to running their city.

  7. This guy and S.F. mayor Gavin Newsome need to hang out together. They are a couple of real class-acts.



    Hundreds of spines have gone missing and the democratic congress are asking they be returned in a timely manner as these members are currently flopping around on the house floor like so much jello. Congress-persons Wexler and Wasserman-Schultz, in particular, would like theirs back soon as they still have a number of empty threats to administer to Karl Rove regarding the Seigelman matter. If you have any information or would like to donate a spine please write your congress-person.

  8. Govener Granholm needs to remove the mayor. Detroit is in real economic crisis. It needs a functioning govt. She can move the quickest on this matter. Every politician seems to have gotten the cheney message. Keep doing illegal things and don’t budge, no one will do anything anyway. I hope Granholm breaks this ugly “cycle”.

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