4COL d00d! Man Arrested After Hitting and Killing Pedestrian While Texting and Driving

In York, Pa., Brian Widmayer, 21, has been charged with a crime for our times: killing a man by running over him while text messaging. David Peters, 43, was walking across the street when Widmayer was responding to a text message and driving through an intersection.

The police complaint states that Widmayer first received a text message on his telephone and then sent a reply as he passed through the intersection at about 11:10 p.m.

Widmayer’s 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo dragged Peter’s body for 64 feet. Widmayer was going between 30 and 36 mph.

He has been charged with homicide by car as well as an accident involving death or injury while not properly licensed, reckless driving, careless driving, careless driving resulting in death and driving without a license.

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5 thoughts on “4COL d00d! Man Arrested After Hitting and Killing Pedestrian While Texting and Driving”

  1. yo thats crazy from market and state to market and ridge mr wiggle is what we called him because of the way he walks with his cane damn i remember that day rest in peace to you…. the jeep had him on the hood of the car until the white man stopped a block away it was a ugly site the real deal

  2. It sounds to me that if you want to kill someone, the best thing to do is run them down drunk. Anyone who drives drunk is basically saying that anything they hit is not that important and obviously has no respect for property or human life – including their own. I don’t think taking a life is any different if it’s a bullet, a bomb or a car that is the weapon of choice.

    Jail is too expensive, bring back the chain gangs and make them work for their keep.

  3. The gentleman should be charged properly for the carelessness and for driving without a license, but aren’t some of these charges just duplicate charges? Fortunately for society, I do not believe as Zakimar does. He should be prosecuted for the legitimate offenses that he committed, but I don’t see any societal benefit for a life sentence for driving without a license. You better get ready to build alot more prisons because there are far too many drivers out there without licenses. And putting some in prison for life won’t stop the problem. I don’t have alot of compassion for the drunk drivers, but for a first time offender, even if someone is killed, a life sentence is extreme. This young man made a big mistake and he will pay for it. The family that lost a loved one isn’t going to heal faster if the driver is in prison for life.

  4. What happened to the ‘chain gangs’? People driving without a license should get 10 years and drunk driving should get 25. Killing someone while driving w/o a license or drunk should net a life sentence – on a chain gang.

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