Outraged by Picture of Israeli Soldiers Shooting of Handcuffed Palestinian, Israeli Commentator Objects to Palestinians Being Given Cameras

Prominent journalist and radio host Uri Orbach has a curious sense of outrage. In a column, Orbach describes the outcry after the release of a recent picture of a handcuffed Palestinian being shot by an Israeli soldier with a rubber bullet at close range. Instead of decrying the need for better training or calling for justice, however, Orbach is infuriated that Palestinians have been given cameras to allow them to record such abuses.

The shooting incident was captured by a camera and the image later given to media.For the shooting story, click here.

Orbach accuses the organization B’Tselem of “collaboration with the enemy” because it handed out 100 cameras to Palestinians to record any abuses. The “armed with a camera” campaign was designed to allow a non-violent form of activism and to increase transparency of conditions in the area. For their website, click here.

Sorry, but I’m disgusted by that. The fact that Jews are trying to catch the soldiers of their own country doing bad things by handing out cameras to our enemies is intolerable. After for years now leftist Israeli politicians have failed to convince us during elections that we can make true peace with our friendly neighbors, now they just try to smear us; to show us, and to show everybody, how terrible we are.

There are obviously many (including the publishers) who believe that this is a legitimate point and that the real problem is the camera itself. Obviously, there are many in Israel who must be appalled by such views, but I have not been able to find widespread condemnation of Orbach among right-wing publications and conservative party officials. It is a chilling glimpse into the extremist views of some in this region.

For the full column, click here.

50 thoughts on “Outraged by Picture of Israeli Soldiers Shooting of Handcuffed Palestinian, Israeli Commentator Objects to Palestinians Being Given Cameras”

  1. zakimar
    1, July 28, 2008 at 1:14 pm
    My guess is that you’re one of the latter and simply think all Jews feel the same way you do

    So thats why I’ve been condeming the violence of the Israeli’s equally, if not more than the Palestinians?


    You should consider a course in deductive reasoning there Yassar.

  2. Jews are a group of human beings with many different points of view.

    Zionists are racists and ALL have the SAME racist/bigoted, hate filled, narrow, moronic point of view. My guess is that you’re one of the latter and simply think all Jews feel the same way you do.

  3. Zakimar said.

    I have not made ANY “hateful” comments about the “Jewish people”.

    Hell as far as I can tell you’ve made nothing but.

    “Zionist Jews” this and “Zionist Jews” that.


    I thought you were Yassar Arrafat for a minute there.

  4. Before the whiners make any more comments about me being an anti-Semite or hating Israel:

    I have not made ANY “hateful” comments about the “Jewish people”. I have pointed out the hateful things SOME Jews do and I make no apologies for hating Zionists. Zionism is Apartheid which is Racism and should be hated by all decent people. No person is better than any other and should be given special rights in this life or the next solely based on their race.

    Unfortunately, some races, religions and groups believe in hate and Zionists belong to this group. I am not surprised that many Americans and the US Government sees nothing wrong with Zionism because many Americans have no regard for their own indigenous people (that’s Injins to those that don’t know what indigenous is), didn’t oppose Apartheid in South Africa and until a few months ago had Nelson Mandela on their terrorist list for decades.

    BTW, if the US didn’t prop up dictators like the Shah, Mubarak, Musharif, Saddam Hussein, Bush Sr’s buddies the Kuwaitis, Bush Jr’s buddies the Saudis and let’s not forget bin Laden, maybe the people would have a better chance of creating their own “regime change”.

  5. I have read everyone’s opinion and find most pretty interesting. I am amused however that from the time the original Palestinians settled that area until now EVERY empire that existed has disappeared, from the Egyptian and Byzantine to the British and Soviet. Yet somehow many people think that the US will remain at its current status forever.

    I did a little research and more than half of Israel’s per capita income (about $15 000 per Israeli) comes from US welfare – $3 000 000 000 per year. That puts Israel’s PCI at about the same level as Greece or New Zealand, without it, Israel would be at the level of Botswana or Chile. That said, when the US becomes unwilling or more likely unable to support Israel, a lot of people will be looking to “resettle” the Jews so that the Palestinians can go back to where they were living before 1947.

    There are about 5.5 million Jews in Israel and 6 million in the US and about 2 million in the rest of the world. There are about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world that don’t like the way the Palestinians have and are being treated. Unfortunately most Christians don’t care about the Christian Palestinians so it will be up to the Muslims to help them too. So there are about 115 Muslims to every Jew. And since Israel has gone out of its way to treat the Palestinians brutally, there won’t be too much compassion when it’s time for the “resettlement”.

    So in the meantime, it’s great that Israeli Jews, American Jews and the US Government is wasting BILLIONS of dollars renting Palestine but one day the landlord is going to come with an eviction notice. I just hope I’ll be around to see it.

  6. I get tired of these wars and constant battles between peoples of different religions. Whether it is the Catholics and the Protestants battling in Northern Ireland or the Jews and various Muslim sects battling in the Middle East, it still comes down to religion. How many people have been killed over religion in recent history? If you go even further back in history to the Crusades the numbers go up even farther. Is there a way to take religion out of the mix? That is a tough question and I do not have the answer to it. I do know that an answer was found in the Northern Ireland debacle and I would hope that reasonable people on both sides in the Middle East will put religion aside and “convince” their respective political leaders to not only find an equitable answer and that if they do not stick to the agreement that an immediate recall of that government should occur. That would mean no settlements on the Israeli side and no attacks from the Palestinian side. Maybe the U.N. needs to be included in the mix with a peace keeping contingent. The key will be to put aside the religous issues on both sides and find an agreement that will be enforced by a neutral party. I do not think anything else wiil work. Once the right wings on both sides get involved, it only means more death and destruction. Peace will not happen during the regime of that famous end of timer, George W. Bush or John McCain and his good buddy, Rev. Hagee who is another famous end of timer. It will only happen with a U.S. President who is respected by both sides. It will only happen with a U.S. President who is willing to utilize the U.N. to act as a buffer force. No approach is perfect and will require hard work by a President who is willing to put his guns and threats in a “lock box”. I wonder who that President could be?

  7. You like Star Trek Zakimar? You sound like you’re fairly well Americanized so I’ll assume you’ve seen it. Know the series “Voyager”?

    In Voyager there was an episode where the captain “(Red from that 70’s show) of a great ship that could cause “temporal incursions” which would change events in time, and he was using the ship to try and “right a wrong that had occured.

    Well, the problem was, each time he caused a temporal incursion to change one event, to correct one thing in the chain of events, he created a new problem. A new event, so he could never perfectly right the wrong. And along the way, he wiped out civilization after civilization.

    Your problem is similar. You’re like two squabbling children, striking each other back and forth so many times, that you spend most of your time trying to figure out who did what to who. The only thing you can do at this time, is shake hands, and figure out something that doesn’t involve religious leaders. Religious leadership of government is invariably hot headed, and corrupt. It never focuses on the needs of the people but instead in some perceived spiritual goal.

    Fighting over the holy land it would seem, to an outsider, to be the most ridiculous thing to be fighting over. Whichever god you believe in, he surely never wanted this.

  8. Zakimar you read, but you don’t listen. I don’t need to be “educated” by you on the facts about Israels attrocities any more than I need to be educated on the facts of the Palestinian attrocities.

    You are a perfect example of the problem. With your “Zionist Jews” this and “Zionist Jews” that, never bother to look at your own words, or mine.

    You are giving me exactly what I am sick of. Your “tit for tat” bullshit.

    You don’t like Israel? Fine. Then be a man, put on a uniform, rally your army and go meet them in f#$king battle.

    But don’t sit here crying about a the things they’ve done to your people while leaving out the things your people did to instigate it.

    You’re both children crying about each others faults and ignoring your own. And when you don’t ignore your own faults you whitewash them.

    And what really sucks, is you both keep churning out young ones and pushing them into the meatgrinder. If you were half the adult you try and sound like you’d try and stop the fighting now, and put aside your stupid childish hate of each other and get on with it.

    Ok, so your folks on both sides were f$#ked up people, and couldn’t live next door to someone without blowing them up. Ok. That was then. This is now. You don’t have to kill. Neither do they. All you have to do is stop this tit for tat retaliation bullsh$t.

    And if you can’t, then man up, suit up, and fly your colors bravely into battle like any army would, and settle the matter for good.

  9. From one of my other postings, for those who couldn’t be bothered to educate themselves before they gave their nonsense as fact.

    For those that either believe the Zionist propaganda or just want to spread it, a breif history of PALESTINE:


    The total population of Palestine was 500,000 of whom 47,000 were Jews who owned 0.5% of the land.


    Following the appearance of anti-Semitism in Europe, Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism tried to find a political solution for the problem in his book, ‘The Jewish State’. He advocated the creation of a Jewish state in Argentina or Palestine.


    The first Zionist Congress was held in Switzerland, which issued the Basle programme on the colonization of Palestine and the establishment of the World Zionist Organization (WZO).


    Fourth Zionist Congress decided to establish a national home for Jews in Argentina.


    The Zionist congress decided the Jewish homeland should be Palestine.


    With the outbreak of World War I, Britain promised the independence of Arab lands under Ottoman rule, including Palestine, in return for Arab support against Turkey which had entered the war on the side of Germany.


    Britain and France signed the Sykes-Picot Agreement, which divided the Arab region into zones of influence. Lebanon and Syria were assigned to France, Jordan and Iraq to Britain and Palestine was to be internationalized.


    Lord Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary sent a letter to the Zionist leader Lord Rothschild which later became known as “The Balfour declaration”. He stated that Britain would use its best endeavors to facilitate the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people. At that time the population of Palestine was 700,000 of which 574,000 were Muslims, 74,000 were Christian, and 56,000 were Jews.


    The Palestinians convened their first National Conference and expressed their opposition to the Balfour Declaration.


    The San Remo Conference granted Britain a mandate over Palestine and two years later Palestine was effectively under British administration, and Sir Herbert Samuel, a declared Zionist, was sent as Britain’s first High Commissioner to Palestine.


    The Council of the League of Nations issued a Mandate for Palestine. The Mandate was in favor of the establishment for the Jewish people a homeland in Palestine.


    The Palestinians held a six-month General Strike to protest against the confiscation of land and Jewish immigration.


    The British government published a new White Paper restricting Jewish immigration and offering independence for Palestine within ten years. This was rejected by the Zionists, who then organized terrorist groups and launched a bloody campaign against the British and the Palestinians. The aim was to drive them both out of Palestine and to pave the way for the establishment of the Zionist state.


    The United Nations approved the partition under which the Palestinian Arabs, who accounted for 70% of the population and owned 92% of the land, were allocated 47% of the country. (UN resolution 181)


    British forces withdrew from Palestine in May and the Zionists proclaimed the state of Israel without defining its borders. Arab armies moved to defend the Palestinians.


    A cease fire was finally agreed. The Zionists controlled 77% of Palestinian land and over 1 million Palestinians were forced to leave their country. The West Bank was put under Jordanian control and the Gaza Strip under Egyptian control.


    So as you can see, the Zionist Jews brought terrorism to Palestine and the general strikes, objections and hope for Britain, the US and the UN to help has done nothing. If ignorance is bliss, you should be the happiest guy on the planet.

  10. And yes, we need to get a control on our govt.

    No doubt.

    We’re working on that.


    When you guys gonna start?

  11. When you can get together, and form a real government, one that has CONTROL over your military, then you’ll have something to say.

  12. zakimar
    1, July 27, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    The Palestinians have been hoping for 60 years

    No Zak, what the Palestinians have been doing for the last 60 years is walking into market places and blowing apart the bodies of a bunch of teenagers having lunch.

    Thats what the Palestinians have been doing.

    And when they STOP doing that then maybe the world community will be able to get behind them.

  13. If you are sick of Americans dying, do two things: don’t elect moron, fanatic fundamentalist religious leaders (at least no Ayatollah has ever said God spoke to him personally); and lobby your cowardly, corrupt, inept Government to stop giving Israel $3 000 000 000 per year in welfare and weapons, while American soldiers make $15 000/year, Katrina victims are still living on the street, 1/6 of Americans have no health care and children are going to school hungry because there is no money for school lunch programs. Without the US, the situation there would take care of itself in less than 6 months, and in fact would have been settled in 1967.

    So please stop your whining but continue bashing your head against the wall, it’ll all be over soon.

  14. The Palestinians have been hoping for 60 years, I don’t think it’s me that’s “squashing” it. As for defending “Zionist Jews”, I suppose you have something good to say about South African Apartheid or genocide in general.

  15. If someone states that they are very pro-Israel, they should qualify that statement. Are you a Zionist Jew that feel Jews deserve a “homeland” regardless of the suffering it’s causing? Are you a Christian that believes Jesus cannot come back to Earth unless Jews are controlling that real estate? Are you a citizen of another country that feels if there was no Israel they would have to put up with more of them in your own country? Are you a person that admired the Gestapo and missed them so much you need daily reenactments? Do you hate Arab Muslims and Christians and enjoy watching people persecuted? Please let us know.

  16. “What we hold against Nasser is not only the killing of our sons, but forcing them for the sake of Israel’s survival, to kill others.”

    -Golda Meir

    The only ones forcing your sons to kill others is your sons parents.

  17. And if you just cannot find the wherewithall to do that, then just launch the big ones and make a wasteland out of your holyland and be done with it.

    Cause I’m sick of you all, and sick of Americans dying over your pitiful inability to just grow the f$#k up.

  18. In fact, why don’t you guys stop pussyfooting around here, and get it over with?

    I mean you want nothing but war anyway. So go for it. We’ll give Palestine some nukes, then you can both launch simultaneously, and wipe each others stupid, stupid asses off the face of the planet.


    Hell, take Iran with you. Well just get China to speed up their enrichment program, load it up in the mid range missles they’ve already sold them, and let em fly. You can all go out in a blaze of self gratuituous pious glory for all I care. Or for all half this country cares for that matter.

    Because I’m sick of your tit for tat little wimpy mans war. You want a war, get on with then chickensh$ts. Blow each other to kingdom frackin come for all I care, or whereever the hell kingdom it is you’re trying to build.

    A kingdom obviously that you cannot find within the love of your own families, the richness of life, careers, education and the fellowship of community. So please, by all means, do us all a freaking favor, and blow yourselves to whatever freaking kingdom it is you are trying to find.

    And take Zakimar with you.


    Or, you can try growing up now, and giving the babies you constantly keep making and then slaughtering, a glint of a decent future, and a life. One that includes breathing, eating and not having bombs fall on their heads in school, or being blown up at a goddamned sidewalk cafe by an idiot with a body bomb.

    Try growing up, and laying down the goddamned guns.

  19. When the Israeli people climb off their sanctimonious high towers, and start LOOKING at what they are doing to OTHER HUMAN BEINGS, and the Palestinians learn to do likewise, then this STUPID, STUPID war will end.

    Until then, both sides can keep making a lot of little coffins, for their kids.

    Because thats all you’ve got to hand to your children, you studid, stupid, STUPID mutherf#kers.

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