AYSOS: Father and Three Men Kidnap and Torture Teen Over Mistaken Belief that He Sent Harassing Text Messages to Daughter

In England, James McPhilbin (the first pictured man) was facing a common concern as a father. He was told that a teen boy was sending his daughter harassing text messages. Where most dads would call the parents or even speak to the boy, James’ nephew, Anthony McPhilbin, and two men (Alex Duff and Anthony Morton — shown above) decided to kidnap the kid. He was then taken to an apartment, torturing and stabbed with a knife. The 17-year-old proved to be innocent and the four men proved the value of AYSOS as a text message.

After Anthony called his uncle, James joined the group, which proceeded to yell at him while telling him that it was rude to sent harassing text messages. Duff and Morton then took the teen to an alleyway where they beat him and repeatedly stabbed him — including puncturing his lung. Local residents intervened and stopped the attack.

James McPhilbin got off remarkably light for confessing false imprisonment — just 16 months. His nephew got four years while Morton and Duff got seven years and one month each.

That is pretty generous for kidnapping and assault. This was not just some confrontation on the street. The men pulled along side of the victim and first dragged him to an apartment and then dragged him into an alleyway. Puncturing a lung requires a serious stab wound that could have been lethal. In the states, Morton and Duff would be looking at a sentence at least twice that length in most states.

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  1. What your saying is completely wrong and disgracefull in so many differnt ways. America is a leading country in this world and no matter what, even if this country does “Fall” its going to always come back. There will always be that ending plan…and those few crazy nationalist people that believe in America so much that if this country falls they are willing to take the world with them. And with the amount of nukes and crazy people in this country id worry about the world falling…not just America

  2. So you see rafflaw, even if Obama doesn’t kill as many people as McCain undoubtedly will, my concern is making sure that eventually NO American President can kill indescrimately. Obama is certainly the lesser of two evils as was Clinton, but even Clinton murdered indiscriminately.

  3. From a previous posting of mine.

    I’m really torn about whether to hate or love Bush Jr. On the one hand, he is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Iraqis but on the other hand he has done more to end the reign of the American Empire than anybody including Reagan.

    I’m also torn on Obama vs. McCain for the same reason as above. On the one hand, Obama like Clinton could turn the Republican deficit into a surplus and perhaps get a settlement for Palestine and Israel. On the other hand eight more years of Bush – I mean McCain and a war with Iran which is four times larger and has more than double the population of Iraq and has many more sophisticated weapons could very well be what bankrupts the US, demoralizes what is left of the armed forces and leaves them unable to dominate the world.

    Unfortunately, I’m going to have to go with McCain because more Iraqis died under Clinton than under Bush. Clinton deprived Iraq of food and medicine with his sanctions and over 500 000 children died (see WHO, IRC) and when Albright was asked if the USA was justified in killing half a million children, she said “yes”.

    For all of us non-American citizens, go to McCain’s website and donate money. When asked for a Zip Code, just pick almost any random five digit number – I went with 85050 (Phoenix, Arizona) but I’m sure 90210 would work just as well.

    I feel sorry for all the Iranians and US soldiers who will die under McCain and I pray that God will take my explanation on Judgment Day, that I was doing it for the good of the world in the long term and I would encourage all those that donate to also donate to the International Red Crescent/Red Cross after the war to help the orphaned children and maybe some money for all the disabled soldiers that make it back alive. God Bless and please forgive me.

  4. Zakimar,
    I am a little surprised that you said you donated money to McCain’s campaign. Espcially since McCain has voted to allow the CIA to torture detainees. By donating you are in essence funding the future torture of detainees, if McCain is successful. Also, I don’t think the Republic of Ireland is part of Britain and they would not be very happy with anyone confusing them as being part of the British empire. If you are talking about Northern Ireland, then you may be correct aligning them with Britain.

  5. zakimar

    If I’ve misjudged your post, I apologize. I read it as suggesting the Brits were more enthusiatic about the ill-conceived Iraqi invasion/occupation than the US.

  6. “Rightie”? I’ve been labeled by numerous derogatory terms, but rightie has got to be the most offensive. The only “rightie” thing I’ve ever done was contribute to McCain’s campaign and that was ONLY because I feel that McCain will be the nail in the coffin of the American empire.

    I would encourage many bloggers on this site to do sum lernin from books an stuf at the liebary b4 usin tirms that arnt cumpletly understood, prior to posting comments. Feel free to do the same for date, names, and events as well.

  7. My comment referred to the fact that the likes of these “men” populate a majority of formerly “Great” Britain. His ilk undoubtedly elected and then re-elected Blair. Britain, but more specifically England (because my understanding is that the Scottish and Irish are good people) supported Bush because it was their way of feeling important once again.

    Every British poodle will support whatever the US wishes. While most other nations were against the US attack on Iraq, the English can always be counted on to do the wrong thing, especially in the Middle East. They created Israel, they attacked Egypt, they drew the imaginary boundaries for countries that didn’t exist, and they assigned and allowed dictators to run these new countries. I could go on and on.

    As bad as the US is behaving at the present, the Anglos are the worst thing that ever happened to this planet. Ironically, if not for the Saxons, they would probably still be eating raw meat and trying to swim off of their island.

  8. rafflaw –

    Exactly. “How in the heck did OUR oil wind up underneath THEIR sand?”

  9. rcampbell,
    I don’t think Zakimar is a “rightie” and I don’t think he embarrassed himself. I would agree with you that the U.S. has colonial ambitions under Bush and Cheney. Of course, they are only concerned with colonializing countries that have our oil under their sand or dirt.

  10. I love how the comments have immediately become an attack on the UK’s Iraq involvement. First, these ‘wankers’ took it upon themselves to dole out justice to a teen who wasn’t even involved in the text-harassment, which was wrong of them to do in the first place. Second, they should have contacted the authorities, who are much better trained at beating, stabbing and tasering teens into a confession …

    Leave it to the professionals!

  11. zakimar:
    “England also needed the US to attack Iraq to keep its fantasy of colonial power alive a little longer.”

    More GOP revisionist history. Were you asleep while Bush begged, bribed and threatened countries to join his mad march to Baghdad? If any country was exercising colonial dreams, it was the US, not England. If any country was desperately in need of allies for its misadventure, it was the US, not England.

    Do you righties first decide what is the most inane comment on any given subject and then double it? Why would you keep embarrassing yourselves and continually confirm the WORST stereotypes of conservatives and their worldview? Even McBush would tell you to stop as you guys are doing far more harm than good to him and the GOP.

  12. Wouldn’t it have been simpler to take away the text messaging device from the girl. I mean there is an on/off switch, right?

  13. Zakimar,
    I am not quite sure what this case has to do with England’s political problems due to Blair’s complicity in the attack and occupation of Iraq, but I agree that it is an extreme case that should be dealt with swiftly by the authorities. I have no patience for parents or relatives of teenagers assaulting other teenagers for alleged problems between the kids. I would not have any problem with the parents going to the authorities concerning the alleged test messageing harrassment. But to take measures into your own hands is inexcusable and sends the wrong message to your own child.

  14. First, these morons should have made sure they got the right guy, secondly you don’t fight text messages with a knife, and finally, what kind of coward needs three additional men to fight one teenager?

    I guess it should be expected that these “men” were English. England also needed the US to attack Iraq to keep its fantasy of colonial power alive a little longer.

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