CIA Intercepts Tie Pakistani Intelligence Service to July 7th bombing of India’s Embassy in Kabul

The CIA has disclosed that surveillance intercepts show Pakistani Intelligence officials planning the attack on India’s embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan — an attack that killed 54 people. The evidence also implicates the service in working with militants in Afghanistan and leaking American efforts to track down terrorists. It is a rare disclosure that is clearly designed to force action against the spy service.

The Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI, has long been accused of helping terrorists, including those connected to Al Qaeda. The Pakistani government was also accused recently of a cover-up in the development of a nuclear program with A.Q. Kahn. Kahn has gone public with statements that the Pakistanis lied to the U.S. and used him as a scapegoat for its nuclear proliferation efforts. He was promptly gagged by the government, click here.

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4 thoughts on “CIA Intercepts Tie Pakistani Intelligence Service to July 7th bombing of India’s Embassy in Kabul”

  1. zakimar: keep posting. you are convincing even the half dozen of left wing lunatics here of the danger of radical islam………….

    saw a bumper sticker today: Allah wants you to vote Obama…….

  2. Bush will never even bother Pakistan, because Musharif is in his pocket and Pakistan’s saving grace – nuclear weapons. This is why EVERY country ever attacked by the US and/or Israel MUST get a nuclear weapon. The US was the big proponent of MAD.

  3. Dundar,
    First of all, Obama didn’t say he would bomb Pakistan into submission. Secondly, Obama’s statements have absolutely nothing to do with this story. I realize that you are prone to wild statments without evidence or facts to support them, but to make this claim proves that you are nothing more than a Republican trying to dampen the public’s enthusiasm for a candidate. This CIA leaked story tells us very little more than what was publicly suspected before. That Pakistan is giving official help to bin Laden. Boy, that is a surprise! I have to question the timing of this alleged leak. Anything George Bush does has a meaning beyond the obvious. This is more of the “be very afraid” antics that have a Rovian smell to them. How can Bush honestly ask the Pakistanis who are leaking information on U.S. activities with a straight face. He himself and/or his Vice President ordered the leak of the identity of a covert U.S. agent for political reasons. Am I the only one seeing this?

  4. Candidate Obama said months ago he would bomb Pakistan into submission on the war on terror for allowing terrorists to roam their country.

    I would guess this is payback for a stupid statement by a naive politician running for the US Presidency.

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