Meet the Navy’s New $5 Billion Sitting Duck

Recently, the Navy surprised many by announcing that it was scrapping its multi-billion dollar construction program of the new Zumwalt class of stealth destroyers — after only two ships are built. After the first $5 billion ship was completed, the Navy canceled the program. It now appears that the most expensive surface vessel in the world may be defenseless against anti-ship weapons. If true, there are serious questions of representations made to Congress to produce the world’s biggest and most expensive target decoy.

In scrapping the programs was announced by the Navy, which insisted that it now wanted to buy hundreds of the older destroyer models that it previously said were unacceptable, click here. Now, it is being reported that the new stealth destroyer is “defenseless” against common anti-ship missiles.

Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (and Vice-Admiral) Barry McCullough, is quoted as saying that the DDG-1000 “cannot perform area air defense” at all.

Yet in 2005, the Navy claimed the ship would have a “3X survivability rate” against anti-ship missiles and other threats.

The question is how the Navy was able to continue to secure funding for such a system, only to scrap it. It is not only an indictment of the Bush Administration (which deserves the Lion’s share of blame) but on the oversight committees of Congress.

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6 thoughts on “Meet the Navy’s New $5 Billion Sitting Duck”

  1. That would be one heck of a “credit”! We have soldiers being electrocuted by Republican connected private contractors made defective showers and now the Navy wastes 5 Billion dollars. I smell a Republican rat here. Do we know which legislators were pushing for this boondoggle? I am guessing that whereever the shipyards are located, the Congressman or Congresswoman of that area would be a good place to start an investigation.

  2. Whomever was involved in selling this “pink elephant” should be considered for fraud charges. 5 Billion is alot of money to waste, even for the Bush Administration. We couldn’t provide body armor when we invaded Iraq, but we sure as hell could provide 5 Billion for a floating target. If any in Congress were aware of these facts, but still voted for it should be returned to their civiilian jobs by their voters. I don’t suppose that someone like Sen. Stevens was involved in this one, was he? This would be a 5 Billion ship to nowhere.

  3. Give McCain and Pelosi eight years, they’ll figure out how better to invest the Chinese, Japanese and Arab money they’ll be borrowing to help fix the Military. Armor plates for Jeeps and bulletproof jackets are so last war.

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