Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Jailed

Judge Ronald Giles has had enough with Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and sent him to Wayne County Jail for failing to notify the court of his trip to Canada and violating the terms of his bond. It is only the latest spin in the race to the bottom for Detroit’s government.

Kilpatrick told the court: “Your Honor, I am asking for your forgiveness. It will never happen again . . . I respect the heck out of you for taking this case under all this scrutiny. I apologize. This was not at all a front to you or the court. I don’t believe there is a person who has ever been through this process that respects it more than I do. . . . My life has been revolutionarily transformed and it’s transforming in front of the eye of these media people who don’t know me at all. Your honor, I ask for your forgiveness…it will never happen again.”

Kilpatrick’s effort to apologize for violating his bond agreement fell on deaf ears with a court that is clearly fed up. Kilpatrick not only faces a compelling criminal charge of perjury but in under investigation for the recent alleged assault of a police officer, click here.

I guess you can “respect the heck out of [someone]” but it still does not make up for contempt of court. What is clear is that he must have been told that this would violate his bond given the fact that he does not claim an advice of counsel defense. So, it appears that he simply decided that he could disregard the order under a claim that there was an important matter for the city that needed to be addressed in Canada.

His lawyer insisted that it was an “emergency.” The judge then asked “Who was sick? Who was dying?” His attorney replied, “The city of Detroit was sick.”

Gee, I wonder why?

Of course, he may be able to achieve a quorum with the city council members now looking at possible jail over their own alleged crimes, click here.

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