Summer Special: Plea Now and Receive a Free Bucket of Fried Chicken!

It appears pleas in Portland, Oregon are a real deal. Tremane Durham agreed to plead guilty to murder in exchange for buckets of fried chicken will get calzones and pizza as free sides to go with a life sentence delivered by Multnomah County Judge Eric Bergstrom.

Durham, fittingly, is accused of an ice cream deal gone bad. He bought a truck to sell ice cream from an Oregon company and then changed his mind. Durham, 33, then went to Oregon after the company refused a refund. He was looking for the supervisor but shot employee Adam Calbreath, 39, instead.

In exchange for the plea, the judge agreed to pay for KFC chicken, Popeye’s chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, carrot cake and ice cream. That is two sides more than the average fast-food deal. The standard is usually one side for every decade of jail time. That would amount to three sides for the 30 year deal. IJudge Bergstrom seems willing to super size it for major felonies. n addition to the pre-sentence order, after sentencing, Durham will receive calzones, lasagna, pizza and ice cream. However, all orders are strictly to go.

Such deals are of no use in death penalty cases since the defendant is already entitled to a free last meal.

Before sentencing, Durham will also marry Vanessa Davis, 48, also of New York City.

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4 thoughts on “Summer Special: Plea Now and Receive a Free Bucket of Fried Chicken!”

  1. Rafflaw, I disagree with Pizza Hut; he should have aimed for Boston Market and not settled for anything less.

  2. rafflaw:

    Darn I knew you would see through that evil Judge’s clever ploy to impose capital punishment without calling it that. And imagine, the defense counsel was in cahoots!

  3. Are you kidding me? Dinner at KFC. Doesn’t this guy know that the cholesterol in that stuff they call “chicken” could kill him?? He should have negotiated harder and held out for Pizza Hut.

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