Rounding Up the Usual Suspects at Disney: Tinkerbell, Cinderella, and Snow White Arrested in Protests Over Unfair Labor Contract

Tourists in Anaheim, California were given a unique insight into “The Happiest Place on Earth” this week. As they entered the park, they walked by Disney characters Cinderella, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Snow White and others handcuffed and waiting to be bused away to jail. They are workers protesting the move by the company to make health benefits unaffordable for many workers.

The workers had walked from hotel properties and sat in a circle holding hands in an intersection until they were arrested for failure to obey a police officer and traffic violations.

The union represents about 2,300 maids, bell hops, cooks and dishwashers at three Disney-owned hotels: the Paradise Pier, the Grand Californian and the Disneyland Hotel.

Ada Briceno, president of Unite Here Local 681, which represents the workers says that Disney pays less and gives less in health care. Briceno says that Disney wants to eliminate the free health plan for new hires and wants to create a new class of workers who put in less than 30 hours a week (who would receive no sick or vacation pay and not be given holidays). The company would also increase the number of hours that full-time employees must work before qualifying for the health plan.

Disney spokeswoman Lisa Haines said “Publicity stunts are not productive and are extremely disruptive to the resort district.” Disney was obviously hoping for the happiest protest on Earth.

In the meantime, Disney’s profits are way up this quarter and appears to be gaining from higher fuel costs, click here.

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10 thoughts on “Rounding Up the Usual Suspects at Disney: Tinkerbell, Cinderella, and Snow White Arrested in Protests Over Unfair Labor Contract”

  1. The Bush regime has eviscerated the rights of workers and without strong unions, the middle class is doomed. Without a strong middle class, the chasm between the rich and poor will become as large as the Grand Canyon.

  2. Hannah; I hope things work out better for your neighbor. I wonder if you ask him for whom he voted, if he’d say Bush. I wouldn’t be surprised if he also says he’s planning on voting for McCain. It surprises me how many Republicans get votes from Military Personnel, even though they are being sent into the meat grinder by the Republicans. I’m sure some rednecks would rather be unemployed and homeless than have “colored folk’ run the country.

    In a democracy, you can’t blame the politician for his incompetence or the poor state of the country, especially if you’ve RE-ELECTED him. Good for you for having the courage not to mimic the lemmings and their “America is the greatest country in the world” propaganda. I know my healthcare isn’t free like it was in Iraq, but my slightly higher taxes ensure that my entire family has cradle to grave healthcare. I think mine is a fantastic country, but I’m not about to say it’s the best. Modesty is a virtue. Good luck.

  3. I think this is all pretty typical of life in the United States of America these days. The corporations certainly have the upper hand with the help of a business friendly administration and the worker is nothing but a slave to be toiling many hours so that the upper class can afford more vacation homes and jet planes. And then you get old and sick and loose your homes and file for bankruptcy if you can. My neighbor who is 50+, just lost his job due to health care problems and he lost his home and is in dire straits. His life is basically over. America is not the great nation anymore. We need a drastic change.

  4. Even if they haven’t “settled anything yet” just that they thought about it is disgusting. Anyone who say’s otherwise is comfortably ensconsed in health insurance, and can affored to mouth off. Today you can barely afford to live, let alone afford insurance. I was head of house keeping at a hotel, and if a maid or two called in sick,that’s 30 plus rooms (and this was a small hotel) to clean, lobbey, breakfast room, laundrey, help other maids. house cleaning is the one of the hardest jobs. Let’s see a desk jockey do it for a day! And for the record, the Disney Movie Club, is the mail order deal from hell. After they suck you in with the special, 4 movies for 1 dollar with 1 movie at regular price (that movie at regular price is $20.99) you of course have to buy 4 more. No problem. However they DON’T tell you after that, the regular price for a movie is $30.99 plus shipping, is $36,99. They never get your movie list to keep track right. They have movies I never ordered, ones I did are not on it. If you don’t reply that you don’t want the movie of the month, they send it, and it’s your responability to send it back at your expence. I had this happen 5 times. I recied thank you letters saying my account has been updated, I just recieved a past due bill for 5 movies. I ordered my required 4 movies, they tell me I haven’t. I had been hearing stories about them for a while. I now believe them.

  5. Thanks GW for making it so difficult for the average American to afford basic health insurance. You are the man. All GW’s policies have done nothing but to ruin a great country. GW is the terrorist. Him and Dick have done nothing but to take a great country and use it and it’s people for their own profits. Thank you dumb repugnacans for voting for these two thieves and crooks twice and trying to justify it using talking heads like Bill O’really. This is proof that GW and all repugnacans are here for one thing to make money off of hard working Americans. That my friends is true terrorism.

  6. Haines said “Publicity stunts are not productive and are extremely disruptive to the resort district.” I certainly agree Ms. Haines. Arresting your employees is unproductive and disruptive. It was also easily avoidable. I am quite fed up with wealthy companies trying to squeeze every last dime from their employees. How much money do executives need? Bill Gates refused to pay his janitors more than 7 dollars per hour. What’s up with that? These people and companies are not a stuggling small concern who cannot afford living wages and benefits. They are able to pay everyone an excellent wage and benefit package and still have enough left to buy as many jets, yachts, cars, lavish parties etc. that they wish. They would not suffer.

    Again, I have to ask the top 2 percent; what is your game plan here? Do you really think this lopsided economy will work out, even for you in the end?

  7. I don’t think many Americans will avoid the Park because of Disney’s poor treatment of employees. Those clowns at PTL, Jim and Tammy Fay had one of the most successful theme parks in the US. I’m sure if the ticket price was right, a KKK or Nazi theme park would make money.

  8. Don’t those costumes & characters belong to Disney?

    Can Disney sue them for damages? I sure hope so.

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