Community Outraged By Unrestricted Release of Religious Pedaphilic Leader

One could well understand why Harrisburg resident Angel Fox does not want George Feigley, 68, as a neighbor. Feigley is the former head of the Neo American Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which was found to be a sex cult where children were abused by depraved church members. Since his 1975 conviction on charges of statutory rape, indecent assault and corrupting the morals of minors predated Megan’s Law, he will not be required to register as a sex offender. Moreover, since he was never given parole, he has no probation limitations.

The Neo American Church’s ,manifesto says, “We hold that the changes called creation and procreation are divine and that human sexuality is to humans the most available expression of that function of divinity.” They used that manifesto to justify abusing children who were regularly sexually assaulted and photographed.

Feigley was called “The Light of the World” but church members. Two of those members drowned in a prison sewer in what officials believe was an effort to break out the “Light of the World” from prison.

In 1976, Feigley escaped from a Pennsylvania prison and was captured two years later in West Virginia. He then escaped again from a local jail and was caught by the FBI.

Feigley has continued to espouse the value of sex and he was convicted in 1995 of attempting to have direct sexual activity involving children by telephone from prison.

His wife, Sandra, is waiting for him in the same house. She served a brief sentence in the case and runs a prison rights site on the Internet.

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8 thoughts on “Community Outraged By Unrestricted Release of Religious Pedaphilic Leader”

  1. Fun Facts… Presently there are 625000 registered sex offenders in the US. Of those charged with sexual assault on a minor under 12 97% percent where relatives such as Fathers, Step fathers, Uncles, brothers, close family friends, Coaches, teachers and of cause Priests. Sex offenders have the lowest re-offending rate at 13% while those of strong arm robbery the highest at 32%

    I’m nothing more than an educated parent who is more watchful of those I know than the guy on the sex offender list who is being watch by the whole community and the police. I’m more concerned with the unregistered and unknown sex offender who perhaps lurks in my family of friends and relatives and I disagree with residency restrictions.

    I want to know who these creeps are and where live. Let them fear us knowing we are watching them, not us fearing them living down the block. My view if they are gonna strike an outsider it doesn’t matter where they live. Like I said before the person must likely to assualt your child is someone you know.

    And God for bid if ever my child is molested I would control my urge to kill the Bastard knowing that my child will need my support more than ever. Let the law take care of it.

  2. Didn’t a Federal Court in Ohio rule that persons in the United States of America do not have the right to live where they wish, there-by allowing the legislature to restrict where sex offenders reside? The Court was very clear that the EX Post Facto Clause of the Constitution was not violated. Although I would strongly argue that the words Liberty and Freedom implicitly implies that we the people do have the right to live where we choose, the Courts ruling turned not on the fact of prior conviction rather that no where in the Bill of rights does it Explictly say you or I have that right.

    So that ends the debate here. The Federal Courts have ruled and the Supreme Court has deny Certi… The Legislature can simply tell this man he can not live in its community. As long as he is allowed to enter the community its not banishment.

    One more point…As long as it doesn’t affect me said the Baker of the Butcher. I would much rather the Court to have rule that this restriction turns on prior conviction and employ an ex post facto ruling rather than one that says we do not have the right to live where we choose.

  3. Can’t happen too soon for me, I just thought that the “normal” inmates would have done the job long ago. I hope this guy’s taken care of while breaking into a home in Texas, so no one will have to go to jail.

  4. i know there are people out there who know how to “take care” of this person. i think you know what i mean.

  5. Thanks for volunteering to ‘take care’ of that “gentleman”, but I think that’s a father’s job. The only person that would be going to jail if (God forbid) anything like that ever happened to my children, would be me because he’d be going to the Coroner. There should be a ‘My Family Is My Responsibility Doctrine’, so that people could take care of his kind without the threat of jail.

    Of course the Clintons are worse than Bush Jr. At least Bush Jr. is taking his orders directly from Jesus, Bill took his from the likes of Marc Rich and about 500 other criminals he pardoned. Bush would have to triple his current number of pardons in the next four months to even come close. Also, Bush Jr. couldn’t even dream of killing the number of people that Clinton did as President. Hillary gave Bush Jr. a blank check with Iraq and as soon as she decided she’d be President, cried foul that her check was cashed.

  6. In Texas it is legal to kill criminals stealing from your neighbors home if that person has asked you to keep an eye on their property while they are gone. All of my neighbors have asked me to do that for them as I have asked them to do for me. It falls under the Castle doctrine. Personally, I would have no problem executing a man, or woman, who violates any child. Pedophiles have the highest recidivist rate of any criminal. Having said that, send the gentleman down to my area and let him touch a child…he won’t last a week.

    Oh, rafflaw, yes Texas is President Bush’s state. Obviously you are one of a number of people that pretty much blame him for everything including killing Jesus Christ! OK, maybe not that…but I’ll bet a dollar if you could hang that one on him you’d do it. I much prefer him to the previous POS (piece of sh*t) that sat in that office.

  7. I wonder why it’s legal (at least in Texas) to kill two people for stealing from someone else’s unoccupied home, but it would be illegal to kill someone who has violated their own child. I guess personal property has more value than human life. That does make sense, as it’s the example that almost every President has set in recent memory. When people see that the lives of “foreigners” mean nothing, it’s not too long until all human life means nothing.

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