No Breiner: Texas Officer Insists That He Was Paid To Have Sex With Prostitutes As Part of His Duties

Beaumont, Texas Police Officer Keith Breiner took the stand in his own defense in the scandal involving vice cops having sex with prostitutes. Breiner insisted that he had to have sex with the women to make the case against them and that he was just doing his job. The department disagrees and suspended him and Lt. David Kiker for their when-in-Rome approach to vice operations.

Police Chief Frank Coffin testified that he does not believe the story of the officers that they were told to have sex by superiors and strongly contests that such sex is needed to make the case — the latter point is certainly proven by other jurisdictions that regularly prosecute without prostituting officers.

If he thought that sex was needed to prosecute, Breiner certainly gave it his all. He admitted to engaging in manual stimulation, oral sex and vaginal penetration with women at two spas.

When Assistant City Attorney Joseph Sanders asked Breiner if he enjoyed having sex with the women, Breiner first shrugged and then responded “If you are asking if I had an orgasm, yes. It was a job, sir, I didn’t have pleasure doing this. I was paid to do it.” Well, that would make two people paid to do it.

Notably, Breiner insisted that he has remained faithful to his wife despite having sex with prostitutes:
“I am true to my wife, period.”

Remarkably, his wife agrees here.

Now, that is one understanding spouse.

The suspension case will address the long-standing issue of the duty of an officer to decline an order to engage in illegal conduct. Even if true, Breiner’s superiors generally do not have authority to order an officer to engage in prostitution service any more than they could approve illegal drug use or an unlawful shooting. There are some who insist that drug use can be approved in some circumstances. However, the majority rule appears to limit such use to situations where drug use is needed to protect the life of an undercover agent. The prostitution bust is not nearly as dire a circumstance.

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12 thoughts on “No Breiner: Texas Officer Insists That He Was Paid To Have Sex With Prostitutes As Part of His Duties”

  1. All humor aside — well, some of it — anybody who has actually seen real life street hookers will not envy this guy at all.

    I’m reminded of the john who got caught in a sting, and was quoted to something the effect of, “I should have known she was an undercover cop; she had all her teeth.”

    There’s a reason that the Spitzer (and, presumably, Clients 1-8 and 10+) spent all that money on presentable, cute ones; check out and look at the real life street hookers — you’ll want to boil your eyes after just looking at them.

  2. That is one slimy cop and one stupid wife. If she really believes the crap her husband is spewing, then she deserves him.

  3. “Is the FBI really in the business of cleaning up after multiple murders?”
    “Of course, why do you think it’s run by a man named Hoover?”

  4. I heard the hooker testified she didn’t realize the officer was trying to have sex with her, but instead thought he was trying to offer her some seafood.

    When asked by the District Attorney about whether she was paid to perform a sex act on the police officer she replied, “I thought he was offering me some “breiner shrimp”.

  5. I mean the Police Chief is named “Coffin”.

    Not a town I’d want to visit without a film crew.

  6. Yea, but look at the cops in Beaumont.

    It’s all relative.


    No, seriously… they’re all relatives.

  7. Not really. Ever met the hookers in Beaumont? I still periodically feel the need to wash my eye sockets.

  8. Joel:

    I expect Mrs. Breiner is one of a kind. I doubt if this marketing campaign would go very far with most married officers.


  9. I think our host is missing the boat on this one — think of the recruitment possibilities. (For the cops, not the hookers, silly.)

  10. That’d be a kick in the head. Seeing a vice cop charged with prostitution. Oh sweet sweet justice

  11. If the policeman was paid to have sex then he should be charged with prostitution.

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