Texas Murder Suspect Fights Pre-Trial Jailing Due to Half-Ton Weight

Police and lawyers in Edinburg, Texas have an intriguing problem on their hands. Mayra Lizbeth Rosales, 27, is accused of murdering her 2-year-old nephew, Eliseo Gonzalez Jr. The problem is that she weighs roughly 1,000 pounds and cannot fit through the door of her home to be taken to jail and the sheriff is afraid that she will die without constant medical attention.

Roseles is accused of hitting the child twice — crushing his head. The mother of the child, Jaime Rosales, is charged with injury to a child for leaving her son with his aunt.

The need for pre-trial jail chould be waived in such a case since the person is already effectively confined to her home. The problem will be what to do after any conviction, which seems likely in this case.

It is a complication that seems to be found in an increasing number of cases as people statistically become heavier in society. Recently, a mobster half her weight was found too fat for jail in Italy, here. Likewise, a man who is only 267 in Ohio has challenged his execution, claiming that his weight poses too great a risk for error, here.

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