Maurice the Meter Menace: Police Search for Alleged Parking Meter Felon

In Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman’s character Lucas Jackson was sent to a work gang for cutting off the heads of parking meters. He has now been outdone by the not-so-cool Maurice Mizrahi, 34, who is accused of pulling 87 meters out of the ground and taking them home to drill out over $6000 in quarters. His own mother called the police.

Mizrahi ran an allegedly low-tech operation — using shopping carts to haul the meters home. It is a pretty labor intensive way of making a living. Each meter holds about $70 in quarters.

Once he is arrested, they might want to specify bills only on his bond order.

For those of you rusty on your Cool Hand Luke quotations, here is the scene with Luke’s appearance at the work camp:

Lucas Jackson.

Here, Captain.

Maliciously destroyin’ municipal
property while under the influence.
What was that?

Cuttin’ the heads off parkin’ meters,

Well, we ain’t never had one of them.
Where’d you think that was gonna get

I guess you could say I wasn’t
thinkin’, Captain.

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4 thoughts on “Maurice the Meter Menace: Police Search for Alleged Parking Meter Felon”

  1. JT said…

    For those of you rusty on your Cool Hand Luke quotations

    what we…uhhum. have here… is a failure, to communicate.

    We will git yer mind right…. boy..


    The difference I see between this case and Luke’s is his was more of simple vandelism, and maybe destruction of city property, and mr Mizrahi (Misery?) was engaged in a criminal enterprise, small time though it may be.

    Luke wasn’t stealing the money, just cutting the heads off as I recall, in an act of drunken definance. His lengthy sentence was due to the worst of all laws, the ole “3 strike” deal if memory serves me correct (been a long time since I’ve seen CHL), and because it was city property it was a felony, so he got 3 strikes from two previous felonies and got life.

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