New York Police Bust Police Detective as Notorious “Bling Bandit”

The police have finally arrested the so-called “Bling Bandit” and it turns out that it is one of their own. Known for his flashy watch and ring, the bandit knocked over nine banks and businesses. He is allegedly Athelson Kelson, 59, a former NYPD detective and decorated Vietnam veteran. The ring proved his undoing. Showing a detective’s shield, it is a type given to detectives upon their retirement.

Kelson appears to have taken a downward plunge in recent years after being diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer and having his marriage collapse. He was identified in a line up by bank employees. He now faces seven years in prison if convicted of the charge.

In addition to the ring, the robber did not hide his identity — simply wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses.

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2 thoughts on “New York Police Bust Police Detective as Notorious “Bling Bandit””

  1. He may have wanted to get caught. On any police report, as any former detective would know, there are questions such as ‘distinguishing traits, jewelry, tatoos, etc.’ He had to know that ring was distinctive …

  2. Doesn’t it take a few years… and some tests… and reviews and such… before rising to the role of Detective?

    If so, what does this say about the credibility of our law enforcement agencies at actually distinguishing the good guys from the bad guys?

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