Two Israeli Policemen Convicted in Death of Palistinian Teenager

Two Israeli border policemen have been convicted of manslaughter after they kidnapped a Palestinian teenager, 17-year-old Amran Abu Hamadiya, and threw him from a moving jeep. The death came during a day in which Shachar Botbeka, Denis Alhazov, and two other officers terrorized Palestinians in Hebron with tear gas, stun grenades, beatings and abductions.

While the investigation and convictions are a credit to the system, the charge of manslaughter rather than murder and terrorism is difficult to understand. The Court found that these men went on a rampage through the city and had to pry the fingers of the victim from the straps of the car to throw him out. Even if they claim that they did not want to kill him, they took actions clearly designed to cause seriously bodily injury or death.

The other two officers took plea agreements, but all four appear to be engaged in a premeditated act of terrorism against the population. While the two men now face 20 years, the charge is a bit hard to understand in the circumstances.

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4 thoughts on “Two Israeli Policemen Convicted in Death of Palistinian Teenager”

  1. I’ll make a cash bet that the two that they didn’t let off get 4 years each, with a shorted sentence – 2 years in jail with 6 mos. house arrest.

  2. Unfortunately this is only one of many instances of Israelis acting like Nazis. Acts like this justify hatred of Israelis by Palestinians as do many acts of Palestinians justify hatred by Israelis.
    Even more unfortunately the pseudo Christians in the US have been deceived by the NeoCon/NeoNazis running Israel into mindlessly supporting Israel even though it is not and never has been in the interest of the people of the United States to do so.
    Ironically Israelis would have been better off without the US checkbook as well. They would have become self-sufficient and learned to lived as peacefully as possible with their neighbors. Instead Israelis have become addicts, addicted to the US checkbook and to manipulating “big brother” into threatening others for them.
    They best keep in mind that one day big brother won’t be there for them and that will be a day of reckoning they may not live to regret. If they want peace they better first work on getting justice.

  3. Is the charge of manslaughter really that hard to understand????? Come on. The same sort of soft-charging of police officers happens everywhere.

    And let’s face it. Arabs are the one ethnic group we’re pretty much allowed/encouraged to hate and still retain our membership card to whatever branch of civilization we pretend is the norm.

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