‘. . . Until the GOP Lady Sings”: Noonan Heard Off-Mike Declaring “It’s Over” And Saying Sarah Palin Not Most Qualified

I have long said that, when I die, I want to come back as a political rather than a legal commentator. Political commentators seem to be able to say the most predictable facts so long as they follow a scripted Democratic versus Republican persona. However, this week Mike Murphy, an former McCain aide, and Peggy Noonan, a former Reagan speechwriter, were caught speaking off script about Gov. Sarah Palin: it wasn’t pretty, in fact (according to Noonan) “it’s over.”

On the tape, Noonan says “It’s over” in apparent reference to the campaign and the controversial choice of Palin. When Chuch Todd asked her if Palin was the most qualified woman the Republicans could nominate, Noonan responded, “The most qualified? No. I think they went for this, excuse me, political bullshit about narratives. Every time the Republicans do that, because that’s not where they live and that’s not what they’re good at, they blow it.” Murphy added that the choice was “cynical” and “gimmicky.” He actually stated the very talking point of democratic talking heads: “You know what’ really the worst part about it? The greatness of McCain is no cynicism, and this is cynical.”

Noonan is now trying to make this cat walk backwards and insists that it was taken out of context, here.
For the tape, click here.

28 thoughts on “‘. . . Until the GOP Lady Sings”: Noonan Heard Off-Mike Declaring “It’s Over” And Saying Sarah Palin Not Most Qualified”

  1. frightening…

    I still wonder if we have heard the last of the natural-born issue, and if she was not chosen possibly as an insurance policy.

  2. Patty C

    I find it very disturbing that the GOP “base” is now excited because Klondike Kate is on the ticket. Only NOW are they willing to work for the ticket. So, if I have this right, the base does not like McCain enough on his own to care if HE becomes President, but now they’re willing to help elect a person who, by all expectations(?) will not be President. So if they were to get elected and something bad happened to a President McCain, what, they’d be happy? They’d be happy our President and Commander-inChief was an Alaska-before America beauty queen with twenty minutes of exposure to high-powerd international geo-politics? That’s just really scary on a lot of levels, dontcha think?

  3. Some interesting tidbits I hadn’t heard, RC.

    Regardless of the reasoning, the campaign is getting lots of mileage out their VP choice and has, at least temporarily, successfully repositioned the focus from the most critical issues – once again.

    I caught the end of a snippet from Fox last night which suggested, unless I got it wrong, Palin would have an embedded journalist(Shoshawanna somebody) with her until November.

  4. rcampbell,

    Yes I have noticed she’s not available for interviews. I also heard one of her handlers say yesterday that she might not be avaibable because basically, the press was out to get her. I must say that is quite bizarre for a vice presidential candidate. It reminds me of bush and cheney who don’t exactly make themselves available to the press for questions and concerns either (and we have a really wimpy press!). I just can’t believe you’re not impressed by her gun toting and the fact that she’s a female. Once I heard those two things I didn’t need to hear any more to vote for her and you shouldn’t have questions either! Madmen is a great show.


    Thanks for the update, even though it’s discouraging. I think Obama/Biden are making a hugh mistake on this campaign. Obama’s already spent a great deal of time and money courting the antedeluvian crowd while alienating those who don’t want to live under “god’s taliban”. Stupid. Congress has a positive rating of around 9-12%, in part because they will not take on cheneybush and they will not help people struggling in this crappy economy. I realize that there are many unholy deals to be made in running for office, but even a very sleezy person can stand up for a few important core principles and Obama should do that. He should be much higher in the ratings than he is, given his opposition. If he would pick a few genuine priciples and fight for them I think he and the rest of us would be much better off.

  5. Jill

    …but have you seen her gun pictures?

    Guns just don’t do it for me.

    This whole business of the GOP selecting (using?) Gov. Palin eerily reminds me of a story line in an early episode of Madmen. The all-WASP advertising firm was to be interviewed by a new prospective client. The client was a Jewish-owned department store that had previously only used Jewish-owned ad firms. The firm’s management, in a desperate desire to appear “empathetic” sent someone to the lobby. There, he found the Jewish custodian (the story is set in 1960 when there still remained a good bit of anti-Semitism) who was brought upstairs, clothed in a suit, propped up at the interview meeting and instructed to say nothing.

    The GOP has been obstructionists in nearly evert attempt ever made to pass legislation helpful to women. Now, suddenly, we’re supposed to be awed and they are sooo proud of themselves that they have a woman as a VP candidate—25 years after the Dems offered Geraldine Ferraro.

    Have you noticed that Gov. Palin hasn’t been made available to the press at all since her selection. She hasn’t even appeared in public except for her speech on Wed and attending John Bush’s speech last night. Why?

  6. I think the one that has teeth is the authorization for domestic spying along with those infamous “signing statements”.

    Bush knew this was illegal when he was doing it. So did Gonzo. Thats why they tried to coerce John Ashcrofts deputy into post-authorizing them and when he said no, they went to Ashcrofts bedside to try and get him to do it. And Ashcroft too, as far to the right as his political views lean, said no.

    Because they knew what Bush was doing, was illegal.

    Which is why I had the problem with Obama’s yea vote on HR 6034, which essentially and retroactively said what Bush was doing was ok.

    Still, perhaps Obama feels there are other ways to approach the matter, I don’t know. His vote was pretty troubling however and does make me wonder what will develop should he win but given the choice its a no brainer.

    Also, it is interesting that he chose a Vice President who voted nay on HR 6034, so it suggests he’s open to opposing views on the issue. How can I say that you ask?

    Well, because I know that he, unlike the republicans Vice Presidential candidate, was vetted, prior to nomination.

  7. Obama-Sama,
    I wouldn’t make promises that you can’t keep. Also, I noticed in your posting that you didn’t mention one of the biggest crimes authorized and ordered by the Bush Regime. That crime is the torture of detainees in violation of U.S. and International law.

  8. Obama and Biden can’t back off criminal prosecution of the Bush Administration for this simple reason: Not pursuing Bush’s crimes invalidates 211 years of American jurisprudence. If anyone, including the President, is allowed to abuse the Constitution and commit crimes as they have done (I mean committed, not alleged, staring with the Florida election fiasco), you will invalidate any convictions past, present or future. The Constitution is the taproot of the tree of American jurisprudence. It must be protected at all costs.

    And crimes? You don’t have to be a genius to follow the money. This war was always an oil deal with the Saudis. There are elements within the RNC as evil as you want to call them – theocratic, authoritarian oil fascists. It is a founding principle of the country that no man is above the law. If they are not held accountable, I can guarantee many citizens will also start considering following the law optional. When the taproot dies, the tree soon follows. In addition, their corporate sponsors must be pursued as well. Complicit in the Bush crimes is everyone that attended Cheney’s secret energy task force meeting. Everyone in attendance should be arrested and charged with treason. Their companies should be nationalized and their assets seized as war reparations.

    None of this would have come about except for the ridiculous notion that money equals free speech (worst S.C. call EVER). The lobby for graft system needs to go. The Right to Petition should be a form you pick up at the Post Office, not something you need to pay Cassidy & Assoc. $4M to get.

    Look at the cost of punishing him vs. the cost of not and you’ll see that to restore America to pre-Bush standing both economically and politically, domestically and internationally, he’s got to go to prison. For a long, long time. Just like his accomplices from Cheney to Feith (don’t get me started on PNAC). Anything less doesn’t really fix anything – the taproot still dies, just a slower, malingering death.

    On a personal note, if they are not punished, I swear on my grandfather’s grave that I will not die an American citizen. I’ll burn my passport at the border.

    Enjoy your evening.

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