Dentist Arrested for Dumping Needles and Medical Waste Off Jersey Shore

New Jersey officials have been struggling to find the source of medical waste that has been washing up on its shores — closing various beaches. They now have the culprit: Dr. Thomas McFarland, who has reportedly confessed to the crimes.

McFarland, 59, took his motorboat out into the water to dump a bag full of some 300 dental-type needles, 180 dirty cotton swabs and other materials from his Pennsylvania medical office. Each count for dumping medical waste can carry a maximum prison term of five years as well as a $125,000 fine.

A wrapper for a drill bit led police to McFarland.

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6 thoughts on “Dentist Arrested for Dumping Needles and Medical Waste Off Jersey Shore”

  1. As someone who has seen the best that East Coast beaches have to offer (Hampton Beach, NH; Revere Beach, MA; New Jersey), I can say the following: if the used needles are from dental work, that’s an improvement.

  2. Jill, Jill, Jill, the guys in Jersey were dumping ” Corinne” into the waters to sleep with the fishes. Whole different story . . .

  3. And where was the Coast Guard?

    This is evil but true. When the bateria count got too high for swimming in Atlantic City some of the city fathers were caught dumping chlorine into the ocean to get the count down.

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