Ordering Thai to Go: Thailand’s Prime Minister Thrown Out of Office Over Cooking Show

Thailand’s prime minister Samak Sundaravej was found guilty of violating the countries constitution and forced to resign along with his Cabinet on Tuesday. His offense? He hosted a cooking show. It appears to take a bit more in this country and Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to defend Samak that his regular appearance on the show is no evidence that he had a cooking show.

The nine-judge panel ruled that the Prime Minister “has violated Article 267 of the constitution, and his position as prime minister has ended.” It appears that simple in Thailand. You violate the law and you are removed. How backward.

Samak’s show is suitably called “Tasting and Complaining” — there may be a bit more of the latter than the former in the next few episodes. First dish will be steaming Mad Thai.

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5 thoughts on “Ordering Thai to Go: Thailand’s Prime Minister Thrown Out of Office Over Cooking Show”

  1. His mistake was that he didn’t have a co-conspirator in a position to effectively proclaim:”Inpeachment is off the table”.

  2. He’s BACCKKKK….Just been renominated. It’s exactly like mccain/palin, the all new agents of change!

  3. What are they complaining about?


    He can’t be as bad as Rachel Ray.

  4. May we now remove dick and george for cooking up the war? Will the food network save our civilization? Isn’t the whitehouse website called: Cooks and Liars?

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