Florida Judge Finds Baggy Pant Law Unconstitutional

Riviera Beach, Florida is facing a crisis. The city’s new law to criminalize “saggy” or baggy pants has been struck down as unconstitutional. Palm Beach Circuit Judge Paul Moyle appears to believe that the Constitution protects people from having their clothing style choices dictated by politicians. What a rube in a robe. Who will not protect the good people of Riviera Beach from the clothing choices of others?

Seventeen-year-old Julius Hart was charged when an officer spotted him riding his bicycle in the 2800 block of Lakeshore Drive with 4 to 5 inches of blue and black boxer shorts sticking out of his black pants.

Moyle seemed confused and then clear. “Somebody help me. We’re not talking about exposure of buttocks. No! We’re talking about someone who has on pants whose underwear are apparently visible to a police officer who then makes an arrest and the basis is he’s then held overnight, no bond. No bond!”

Of course Moyle has a conflict of interest. He is often seen at work wearing saggy robes.

It is not clear what will happen now to the others busted for bagginess, here.

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9 thoughts on “Florida Judge Finds Baggy Pant Law Unconstitutional”

  1. Whose purse strings paid for this law? What a crime when government is paid off by the rich. I would say whatever court or judge passed this law should be thoroughly investigated.

  2. Gino,
    Jill is correct to lay this kind of thinking right at the feet of the Bush regime. Bush and Cheney are big supporters of religion crossing the line and commingling religious moral views with government. If we are now going to criminalize what you wear, why aren’t bikini’s outlawed on Florida’s beaches? I think that was the Judge’s point when he asked why speedos are ok, but exposing boxers are not allowed.

  3. I live near Riviera Beach and I was dumbfounded when they passed that law. Friends assured me, however, that I was over reacting and that that was among the least crazy things happening in Florida. Having now resided here for almost two years I find they were right. Hardly a day passes without a new development to amaze and thrill me. I never imagined that in my dotage I’d wind up living in the “Wild West” down south.

  4. I fear Judge Moyle has forfeited any potential chance he had to be a judge on “Project Runway.” Tim Gunn–he’s not! In the words of that steely eyed, Heidi Klum: “he’s out!”

  5. Crazy law. A decent judge who appears not to be a political hack. And I stick with the belief that I always like to see the assholes coming. I what my Klux Klux Klanners wearing there robs at all times and my gang-bangers dressed like extras from “The Wire”.

  6. It is clear to me that this country needs our own modesty squads. It’s the only way to combat liberal judges who let criminals off the hook. These slacker youths should get a job. If you want to break the law with impunity, work for cheneybush.

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