A Cell Just Right: Goldilocks Burglar Arrested in Montana

In Billings, Montana, children know of Goldilocks and the Three Bears but Tracy Mullins, 47, gave a more modern version when he broke into a home, ate food from the kitchen, messed up the home, and then fell asleep on a child’s bed — only to be discovered by the family in the morning.

Mullins is accused of breaking into the home and eating cheese and then messing up the bathroom before finding a bed just right in a child’s room. In this story, however, he was not able to run from the home but was arrested by police. He has been given a $5000 bail — which he appears unable to pay.

What is remarkable is that he was discovered in the morning. The two-year-old boy had slept with his parents that night. The husband woke him up with an unloaded shotgun and held him until police arrived.

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One thought on “A Cell Just Right: Goldilocks Burglar Arrested in Montana”

  1. His striking similarity to Charles Manson aside, seems as if he was just hungry and tired.

    There used to be laws that allowed the homeless and poor to take enough for a meal from a farmers field. Not that what he did was the same but a little compassion here seems to be in order.

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