Rape Charges Dropped After “Victim” Sends Love Letters to Prison

In Winnipeg, Canada, prosecutors were preparing for a trial for rape when they had a curious series of statements from the victim in the form of love letters to the accused in prison. The woman initially denied sending any letters but eventually admitted that she missed the accused and was pregnant with his child.

The woman originally told police that the accused broke into her home in October 2007, choked her, forced her to drink alcohol and snort cocaine, and then raped her after she passed out.

The question is whether she will be charged with obstruction, perjury, or a false police report. Many people are still mystified by the fact that Crystal Mangum (the stripper who falsely accused Duke Lacrosse players of rape) was never charged. Instead, she is selling a book on her unindicted criminal conduct.

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2 thoughts on “Rape Charges Dropped After “Victim” Sends Love Letters to Prison”

  1. It still could be rape … even if a woman is in love with, or married to, a man, he can still rape her. Consent is not automatic. There’s probably much more to this story than is being reported.

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