Palin Trivia: Quick Name the Five Colleges that Sarah Palin Attended in Six Years to Get Her College Degree

Academics around the country are playing a weird new trivia game akin to Where’s Waldo — Collegiate Edition. I have been challenged by professors to name all of the colleges that Palin attended in her long pursuit of a college degree. Palin pools appear the rage among the academic set. For those who want to check their academic trivia, the answer is below. (Hint: she switched six times in six years but one college was a repeat)

1. University of Hawaii at Hilo (possibly one week)
2. Hawaii Pacific University (freshman year)
3. North Idaho College (two semesters)
4. University of Idaho (from fall 1984 to Spring 1985)
5. Matanuska-Susitna College in Palmer, Alaska (fall 1985)
6. University of Idaho (spring 1986, fall 1986 and spring 1987)

While she finally graduated from Idaho, she was named North Idaho College Alumni Association’s 2008-2009 Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award — for her two semesters.

Matanuska-Susitna College is usually the tough one in this seemingly endless journey in search of a diploma. It is offers vocational degrees on such things as Refrigeration and Heating Technology, but also appears to offer a two-year degree. Obviously, from the six-year effort to secure a four-year degree, Palin did not get credit for some of the time at these schools or did not take a full load. For academics, the issue is not two-year colleges (which can be excellent schools of learning), but the absence of a meaningful liberal arts or cohesive undergraduate training. It is very difficult to receive a rigorous and coherent college education when your degree is based on a patchwork of insular credits secured from five different colleges in six years. Since the college education is designed to broaden the minds and knowledge of individuals, such a record raises obvious concerns for traditional academics.

I expect a courtesy 30% of the bets from any of my colleagues who use this site to win their respective Palin trivia matches.

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  2. Let’s see, Joe Biden thinks FDR was president in 1929, addressed the nation on TV, and calmed people about the stock market crash. And we call Sarah Palin dumb? Joe Biden has out-Quayled Dan Quayle. But he gets a pass from the press. Go figure.

  3. What were the last words that Sarah Palin said prior to her departure from Matanuska-Susitna University?



    What were the last words were that the Dean of Matanuska-Susitna University said to her as she left the campus?

    “Mam, you’ve got to leave the toolbox”

  4. Its reported that Palin switched to the University of Idaho to finish her journalism degree after realizing one afternoon following an extremely difficult seer coil swap out on an 80,000 BTU two stage Rheem furnace that the there wasn’t a Journalism dept at Matanuska-Susitna College, and she wasn’t doing research on a story about the HVAC industry for it.


    Or so I’ve heard.

  5. Perserverance?

    I suppose.

    After all, when you haven’t earned your 4 year degree by your fifth year and 5th college, it must take a lot of perserverance to go for a 6th year AND a 6th college.

    And I’ll bet it really took perserverance to acheive a journalism degree when the school newspaper wouldn’t even hire you.


    Thats perserverance all right.

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