Accused Police Officer in New York Taser Death Commits Suicide at Police Station

The tragic case of Iman Morales just got more tragic. Morales was found dancing naked on the top of a ledge. Police shot him with a taser, resulting in his fall and death. It was an obviously poor decision in violation of department guidelines. Now, the officer in charge who gave that order, Lt. Michael Pigott, has committed suicide in the police locker room after being stripped of his badge and gun.

The death of Morales attracted national attention as people questioned the decision to use a stun gun. It was obvious that Pigott would likely fair badly for his decision. However, the death of the 21-year police veteran was a terrible loss for the department and obviously his family.

He was found in the police locker room.
earlier he had apologized to the family. Thursday was his 46th birthday.

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7 thoughts on “Accused Police Officer in New York Taser Death Commits Suicide at Police Station”

  1. A tragedy that shows that there should be better psych evaluations on a regular basis for LEOs.

  2. It is a large loss for his family and it is very unfortunate that he took his own life. The decision to tazer the guy who died has led to a second unfortunate death. My condolences to both families.

  3. I think it is clearly safe to say that Lt. Pigott made the wrong decision to have the suspect tasered while on the ledge of a building naked. If I were the officer who was ordered to taser the suspect, I’m not sure if I would have done it, but in this case, I don’t believe I would have taken my own life in the end. This does, in fact, raise the question, “If law enforcement officials are in a situation to commit an act that will be unforgivable, should they do it?” If police can’t make the distinction between using and not using force, then who should? Should tasers be used at all?
    Seriously, after this, the use of tasers should be restricted to a limited amount of critical situations for law enforcement officials. It isn’t like this is the first instance where tasers haven’t been the best “tool of choice” for law enforcement. This entire situation could have been avoided, but instead, it has brought on the loss of three individuals in our society. Officers had ordered an inflatable bag but it had not yet been deployed so why would you taser the suspect? That makes no sense what so ever.
    How mentally stable was Lt. Pigott? Does the NYPD do seasonal psychological evaluations? NYPD is one of the most hated, hard-working police organizations in the United States! They endure a lot, mentally and physically, and should constantly be evaluated instead of just being released onto the streets. In situations like this, people begin to question if the police are really helping our society or hurting in. Well, in this instance, it wasn’t exactly a boost of smiles!

  4. This is a tragic example of the Bush mindset that permeates America since 911, and how it hurts so many.

    The new mentality of what I call “extreme policing” has put police in a position where such things happen as tasering a suicidal man on a ledge. It was no doubt a stupid thing for this officer to do, and he should have lost his job over it, maybe more. But unless the officer intended on killing this guy then he didn’t deserve to die for it. This is tragic, and it shows its time to once again start training police in how to respect the citizens and their rights, and how to use negotiation and strategies other than force to control a situation.

    Its tragic, and I feel for this cop and his family.

  5. I wonder if he committed suicide because he knew what he did was unforgivable or because of the humiliation and loss of his job.
    Either way, this is another instance showing that the use of tasers and stun guns by law enforcement is dangerous to the public. The only instance they should use them is if someone has a gun and refuses to drop it, or if they were attacked by someone with a knife or club. I don’t trust police to be able to make the distinction between using and not using force.
    This is another problem. The failure of proper training for the police. Many use unwarranted force in instances that they have no need to resort to it. Many are worried about their life and their pay more than a ‘concern’ for citizens. If this is the case you shouldn’t be a cop.

  6. If this had been in Houston, TX the official story would have been a cover-up and a statement that the mentally disturbed should be careful not to act crazy when police are around. The Houston cops would have shot him with a gun and not fooled around with a tazer.

  7. This apparently good, seasoned LEO with a conscience gave a negligent and fateful order that resulted in two entangled tragedies.

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