Second Circuit Overturns Major Terrorism Convictions

In another loss of the Bush Administration, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit overturned the convictions of Sheik Mohammed Ali Al-Moayad and Mohammed Mohsen Zayed. Ironically, when the decision came down, I was speaking at Cleveland State College of Law on the dismal record of the Bush Administration in prosecuting terrorism cases. This case is another example of how the Justice Department has undermined its own cases with poor quality and sensational tactics.

The Yemeni cleric and his deputy were prejudiced by inflammatory testimony about unrelated terrorism links including testimony from a Scottish students about a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv unrelated to the alleged crimes. Al-Moayad, 60, was sentenced to 75 years in prison. Zayed, 34, were sentenced to 45 years each.

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5 thoughts on “Second Circuit Overturns Major Terrorism Convictions”

  1. The incompetent Bush regime has been totally wrong on how to fight terrorism because they have no desire to actually stop terrorism. They just want the American people afraid and compliant. I agree with Mespo that this is one coach who should be fired. Maybe we can get Al Davis to can his ass.

  2. Meant to say…

    Ah the sweet smell of success resulting from waging war against a gerund form of a verb.

  3. What do they do to a football coach who touts his team and then loses most or all of his games? Why, the owners fire him — enlightened people those team owners.

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