The Body Count Culture: The Bush Administration’s Record on Prosecuting Terrorism Cases

Given the Second Circuit’s overturning of the New York terrorism convictions, the testimony below before Congress may offer a broader understanding of the poor performance of the Bush Administration in this area.

I presented an expanded version of this testimony yesterday at Cleveland State University College of Law’s 10th Annual Criminal Law Forum.

Here is the testimony: testimonyterrorismturleyfinal1

4 thoughts on “The Body Count Culture: The Bush Administration’s Record on Prosecuting Terrorism Cases”

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  2. Acknowledging Professor’s Turley’s quite proper decision to forego any mention of his involvement in the Sammy Al Arian case, I couldn’t help but post this little story I ran across:

    Judge suspects feds duped defense in Al-Arian case
    The Associated Press

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A judge says she suspects the Justice Department hoodwinked a defendant in a high-profile terrorism case into thinking that his plea bargain would protect him from further prosecutions.

    At a hearing Monday in federal court in Alexandria, U.S. District Judge Leonie (LAY-uh-nee) Brinkema told defense lawyers they could seek the dismissal of a criminal contempt case against former Florida professor Sami Al-Arian.

    Al-Arian struck a plea bargain in 2006 following charges that he was a leader of a Palestinian terrorist group, Islamic Jihad.

    Al-Arian thought the plea bargain would result in his swift deportation. Instead, he is facing trial in Virginia for refusing to testify to a grand jury.

    Brinkema said that “the integrity of the Justice Department” is in question.

    Kudos are in order.

  3. Hands down more than any other standard people will remember sheer incompetence as the legacy of this president.

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